Hear the river sing
Songs among the rocks
Gurgle in the pools
Swish on down the race,
Crash over the falls,
Ripple in shallows,
Swirl beyond the bend,
Roar after the storm,
And yet we long to
Swim in the hollow,
As early morning
Mist whispers the song,
Of a Teifi summer.
It will be here soon,
We’ll drift to the sea,
Beneath clear blue sky,
Covid behind us,
Older but wiser,
And happy again.

Harry Rogers, in the Yellow Room, 10th March 2021


An economic calamity comes
Said a radio presenter today,
Watch the Chancellor struggle with his sums,
Quantatively easing pipedreams away.
Rags and calumny fall from Tory lips,
False promises bring incredulity,
From home cooked meals to greasy fish and chips
The lock-down ends without human pity.
We must cram children back in classrooms small,
Labour Lords crawl out from obscurity,
The second wave now looms above us all,
No fiscal vaccine brings immunity.
Theatres are closed but tragedy plays on,
The tinted spectacles are almost gone.

Harry Rogers, In the red bedroom, Sunday 21st June 2020.