Never a day did I understand why
In Hendon your average new copper
Was taught to refute Karl Marx and reply
With arguments put forward by Popper.
The state must have been really full of fear,
Afraid that they might come a cropper,
Paranoid about revolution near,
Injected philosophical stopper.
Still stirs strong wind of transformative change,
Pendulums swing, seeds fall from the hopper,
Sprout new shoots in far corners, green and strange,
Where plods on beat hear latest jaw dropper.
Someday the force will become a service,
For all the people, not just the churlish.

Harry Rogers In the Red Bedroom, 22nd January 2021

NaPoWriMo April 2013 # 26.5 The A-Z Of War


Coming off the plane

We see they are in pain

Heading back to a hospital bed

This is the lost boys’ A – Z


Abandoned Afflicted Anguished Men O War

Beaten Up Bedraggled Broken Men o war

Cracked Crashed Crushed Men O War

Damaged Dejected Distraught Men o War

Empty Enraged Exhausted Men o War

Feeble Forsaken Fucked Men O War

Ghastly Gloomy Glum Men O War

Hapless Horrified Hurt Men O War

Ignored Ill-starred In a right state Men O War

Jacked up Joyless Jumbled Men O War

Kooky Kracked-up Kranky Men O War

Lamentable Lost Lumbering Men O War

Messed up Miserable Mistreated Men O War

Neglected Nervous Not wanted Men O War

Oh so tired Old Before their time Overlooked Men O War

Panicked Pathetic Pitiable Men O War

Quashed Quiet Quirky Men O War

Raddled Rattled Ruined Men O War

Shambling Smashed up Spoiled Men O War

Tattered Tormented Tortured Men O War

Unfortunate Unhappy Useless Men O War

Vanquished Vertiginous Violated Men O War

Woozy Wounded Wretched Men Of War

Xanadud out X-rayed Xyloid Men Of War

Yawed Yearning Young Men O War

Zero-rated Zonked-out Zoonotic Men O War


Who Knows the whys and the wherefores

Or what it was they were fighting for

All these broken young boys we call our Men O War