Julian, unconvicted journalist,
Banged up on his own in Bellmarsh chokey,
Solitary confinement, no contact,
Twenty three hours a day all alone,
His fellow colleagues in the media,
At The Guardian and the BBC,
Are all still at work, protected in law,
No charges for use of information,
From the self same sources as Julian.
Justice is nowhere seen to be done,
An innocent man treated as guilty
For doing his job when he showed us truth.
Torture is illegal, so judges say,
Yet when they use it we all look away.

Harry Rogers, in the Yellow Room, 11th January 2021

Julian Assange makes an amazing stand and upstages the world

This is an historic speech from Julian Assange and is an astonishing stand against the Cameron Government.  Such powerful words make it quite clear that Assange will not go quietly.  Why won’t the Swedish prosecutors ask him their questions in the Embassy in order to determine whether or not they are going to press charges against him?  It will be very interesting to hear what Cameron and Obama have to say in response to this.  Listen to the speech, it is an amazing political moment.  Assange has brilliantly upstaged the world.

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