Lilith Lies Dead

They shot Lilith today,
Because she ran away,
They ended her short taste of freedom.

With her beauty so proud,
We should all cry out loud.
Tourist zoos? Do we really need them?

All those fat bureaucrats
In their murderers hats,
Should we continue to feed them?

There was no need to kill,
A ground up sleeping pill,
Would save her from permanent sleepdom

Now Lilith lies dead
With blood on her head,
Our tears are all shed,
Whilst we lie abed
I am seeing red,
They shot Lilith dead.

Harri Rogers, In bed at Pencnwcau, 11th November 2017


Unbroken Ponies – CONCHY

Ponies rehearsal at Dyffrin GwyntIn 2015 the Unbroken Ponies went into the Last Track Studio in Llanon, Ceredigion and cut this track in memory of those conscientious objectors who were brave enough not to fight in World War One. the Lyric is below the Audio track.


He wore a black poppy and a white feather

Every single day with pride

He wore the black poppy and the white feather

Every day until he died

Nothing they did could make him change his mind

Wouldn’t do what they told him to

They locked him up and even beat him up

He still wouldn’t do as he was told

Kept his head high never let them see him cry

Wavered not even as he got old

Conchy was his name

Waging peace his game

Conchy was his name

Waging peace his game

Black poppies

For Conchies

Sixteen hundred

Long dead and gone

They set him to work on the ambulance train

Treating dying and wounded men

Sent him near the front for the whole of the war

Again and again and again

British and French and even German soldiers too

Patched up those he thought would survive

Collected creased photographs of loved ones on swings

From those who were no longer alive

Young girls on swings

From London or Berlin

Daughters, mums and wives

All now with ruined lives

White feathers

For Conchies

Sixteen hundred

Long dead and gone

Took Conchy for his name he was born to disobey

Never did what others told him to do

Refused to go and fight he would never kill a man

No matter whoever wanted him to

Envelopes were sent to him with white feathers in

For week after week after week

He kept them, every one, wore one in his lapel

Waited for somebody to speak

Conchy was his name

Waging peace his game

Conchy was his name

Waging peace his game

Wear a black poppy

For Conchy

Wear a white feather

For Conchy

Sixteen hundred like him

Long dead and gone

Remembered here

To live on and on

Harry Rogers, Aberbanc

November 11th 2014


This track from our forthcoming album is called Chasing Fireflies.  We hope to finish the album soon and release it on Deep River Records.  Meanwhile we in the band hope you like this.


I sit out on the deck
Watching your children play
Chasing bright red fireflies
In last rays of the day
Old knees worn out now
Else I too would chase
Pleasure comes from sunset
Lighting up your face

Spent a long long time
Chasing fireflies
Spent a real long time
Chasing fireflies
Now there is no time for
Chasing fireflies

There are things I would
Like to do on the day I die
Just for the briefest moment
Hold a bright red firefly
Listen to the nightingale
Singing as it flies up high
Know that you are smiling
As we say goodbye

Spent a long long time
Chasing fireflies
Spent a real long time
Chasing fireflies
Now there is no time for
Chasing fireflies

Harry Rogers, Pencnwcau, 2014

Scene Red T Shirt 2017

Zombie Walk in Sitges 7th October 2017

Every year in Catalonia a film festival dedicated to horror, fantasy and sci-fi takes place in Sitges. Here is some footage of the world famous Zombie Walk. I would have shot more but my phone was out of battery power. A whole lot of fun as is clearly shown. Great stuff for monster lovers everywhere. Music soundtrack to this video is Here Comes The Rougarou by The Unbroken Ponies.


Watch out good people
It’s coming soon
Coming to get you
Coming real soon
Gonna suck your blood
Coming real soon
Look out now baby
It’s the Rougarou

Look out now baby
It’s the Rougarou

Talks like a Tory
Dressed up in blue
Coming to get you
Coming real soon
Take away your rights
Dignity too
Look out now baby
It’s the Rougarou

Look out now baby
Tory Rougarou

14th May 2015 Aberbanc.



Seeing Red LogoPeacemaker

Cowboy movies in the fifties
Showed us Colt forty five power,
Flickering up on silver screen,
Long barrelled pistols every hour.
The lawmen and the cavalry,
In the street and behind the rocks,
Killing bad guys and Indians,
Using spitfire substitute cocks.

They called it
The Frontier
Model P

Went to the toy shop with my mum,
At Christmas nineteen fifty five,
To choose my holster and my gun,
I was the Cimarron Kid live.
The outlaws used peacemakers too,
The anti hero movie stars,
With their chiselled looks and cars,
Showed us all how to kill a man,
Upfront guns, hole and corner plan.

I chose it
My silver
My cowboy

A toy to you but real to me
This is what movies did you see,
Identified an enemy,
Shot them in Technicolor dreams,
False heroes on cinema screens,
Killing while Geronimo screams,
Long before truth showed wounded knee,
Those lies behind land of the free.

They called it
The Frontier
Model P
Life taker
Colt four five
Las Vegas

Harri Rogers, In the hut, Aberbanc, 3/10/2017.

Poem – Centre Ground

Centre Ground

The wild buddleia and the straggly old man’s beard,
Running rampant on the waste ground by the railway.
Can this be the place that they call the centre ground?
Where democracy and truth die between the weeds?
Where the bindweed strangles freedom in the sunshine?
Where the brambles riot as nettles choke the land?
Honest folk are liars made by giant hogweed,
Sown by fake news vendors that have no hearts to bleed.
Surely now we understand, this thing centre ground,
Where nothing good or wholesome ever shall be found.

On the train to Reading 11th August 2017.

Nigel Mazlyn Jones and Scene Red Live at Newport Memorial Hall 30th September 2017

Screenshot (125)This is a special event which sees Nigel Mazlyn Jones back in West Wales for the first time in many years.


Nigel Mazlyn Jones On Tour Autumn 2017

Fri Sept 22nd No 8, Launceston / Sat 30th Sept Newport Memorial Hall Pembrokeshire plus Scene Red / Sat 14th Oct Shammick Acoustic unplugged Combe Martin, Devon / Thurs 19th Oct Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek, Staffs / Fri 20th Oct Katie Fitzgerald’s, Stourbridge / Sat 21st Oct Hermon Chapel Arts Centre, Oswestry, Shropshire – Updates see

Nigel Mazlyn Jones, acoustic guitarist and lyricist, is a veteran of the first wave of British acoustic warriors, along with Roy Harper, Nick Drake, John Martyn, Mick Softley and Mike Chapman. He returns to the front line after a five-year breather, invigorated and enthused, to bewilder and bemuse your singular and most excellent delight.” Richard Allen, Shindig!


A veteran of the ’70s acoustic music scene, NMJ weaves sounds and atmospheres with 6- and 12-string acoustic guitars and the kind of ecologically aware political commentary championed by his peers. Since 1976 he has been entrancing audiences on the live and festival circuits as well as on radio and TV. Nigel is the real deal, a battle-hardened survivor for his art, enthused, principled and still breaking the envelope. Well known on the UK festival scene, he has often toured UK and European major venues supporting the likes of Barclay James Harvest, Renaissance, Camel and Bob Geldof whilst collaborating with Steve Hillage, Banco de Gaia, Roy Harper, and Guy Evans of Van Der Graaf Generator, on various projects.

Nigel has recorded eleven albums. His first two albums, the majestic Ship to Shore and the world-weary Sentinel, have been re-released and are rightly regarded as classics of the genre. His recent release Raft echoes his early work featuring 12-string dexterity to the fore embellishing some great tunes and poignant lyrics of hope, love, wonder and exasperation at humanity. Guest players include Guy Evans, drummer-percussionist with Van Der Graaf Generator, and Rog Patterson on fretless bass. Nigel loves the natural world and once worked in conservation with the great apes at Gerald Durrell’s Wildlife Trust. Living near the Cornish coast natural influences are woven into his music creating an artistic reflection of the raft on which we all individually sail. As Nigel notes: “Like this planet, rafts are fragile.”

What the Press said about Nigel live:

MOJO “There is a complexity to his approach, ferocity edged with a brittle beauty, joy of living pervades often rainbow lit.”

UNCUT “Since the mid-70s NMJ has quietly been making some of the best acoustic music in the UK.”

F’ROOTS “A first-rate producer of acoustic brain food.”

Selected Album Reviews

MOJO “Beautifully woven folk rock”

UNCUT “… lyrical inspiration, daring instrumental tracks that shine. 8 out of 10”

SHINDIG! “entirely original acoustic folk sound, some of the best acoustic music in the UK”

R2 (ROCK’n’REEL) “An undoubted musical maverick, there is something profoundly elemental about his music”

SHINDIG!Ship to Shore, NMJ’s 1st album from 1976, is one of the great UK 70s singer-songwriter albums. Easily holding its own alongside the likes of Roy Harper, Nick Drake and John Martyn, Ship to Shore captures that free-spirited innocence and optimism which momentarily eclipsed the commercial considerations of the music industry”

UNCUT reviewing a 2014 reissue of his 1976 album Ship to Shore

Ship to Shore was a breath of fresh air in the fallow folk years of 1976, a distinctive combination of sincere songs, shape shifting acoustic guitars and glissando techniques. A well-known figure on the live circuit he featured as guest act for many bands.”


Press photo downloads:

YouTube video NMJ and Phil Beer live 2015 Bacon Theatre Cheltenham


Tales From Dolwion front image final edit

Possibly the most underated band in West Wales Scene Red have been playing most of their gigs in LONDON for the past few years.  Based at LTS Recording Studios in Llanon this band play their own brand of indy rock/funk and are ready to release their second album in time for xmas 2017.  The band comprises the following members, Harry Rogers – Vocals, Rabbie McAdam Duff – Lead Guitar, Andy Duff – Bass Guitar, James Fereday – Drums, Joy Fereday – Saxophone.