See those slimy civil serpents slither
As into Downing Street they come hither.
Arms full of redacted covid papers
Intentions are clear, hide blonde git’s capers.
Skulk inside committee briefing room A,
Obscure truth in clouds laced with brouhaha,
Ensure prime minister learns words off pat,
Smile as he delivers like Cheshire cat.
Horror upon horror as they save skins
Of untold numbers of Tory numpkins.
Weild black highlighters as they fillet proof,
Whilst all we want is to read some real truth.
On tenterhooks we wait with bated breath
For Boris Johnson’s political death.

Harry Rogers in The Red Bedroom, 31st May 2023.



Demo recorded in Harriboys Hut 29/5/23

Mata Hari sleeping

By execution wall

One hand upon her breast

One in a blood red pool

Said she was a bad girl

But I say not at all

She hung with the fast set

Who played her for a fool

Mata Hari

So young so young

Mata Hari

So young so young

Her clothing in keeping

With the decadent fall

Of Kaisers and kings

She still seems oh so cool

She bewitched with a twirl

Each look a siren call

How could she ever get

To be a liar’s tool

Mata Hari

So young so young

Mata Hari

So young so young

Without any weeping

She stood up straight and tall

No spy she once had met.

Hear not of her at school

Never was a bad girl

She danced for one and all

And we should not forget

The French tret her so cruel

Mata Hari

So young so young

Mata Hari

So young so young

Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping

In that cold blood red pool

Mata Hari sleeping

By execution wall.

Harry Rogers, In the Hut, May 2017


Modern Robber Barons,
Who do they think they are?
Steal our money behind scenes,
Then bank it all afar.
Watch them as they glide round
In their electric cars,
When half of them at least
Should best be behind bars.
Some are crazy bastards
Who want to go to Mars,
Others behave as if
They’re goddamn superstars,
But all their shady deals
Reveal these dodgy Czars
As filthy rotten crooks,
Let’s kick them up their arse.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 31st May 2023


Bizarro securonomics,
Politics from action comics,
What Britain needs, that’s what they say,
Focus group speech, a brand new way.
Blackpool Tower, union jacks,
Fairground dreams to win red wall back.
Give support to working people,
Treat them all as if they’re sheeple,
Ignore modern robber barons,
Policy blanks from loose canons,
Tighten buttocks, sharpen image,
Spout crap beyond Big Ben village.
Pay homage to hag from Grantham,
Touch forelock, sing national anthem.
Do anything to woo The Right,
Throw babies out of prams each night,
Keir and Rachel wield Labour heft
Skewer remains of Corbyn’s left.
So what is Securonomics?
It’s Thatcherite hydroponics.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 28th May 2023.


Pledges, missions and vows.
Resurrect holy cows.
Glorify Tony Blair,
Every fuckin’ where.
Marketise even more
Like you did once before.
Progress are back in charge,
Strut around extra large.
Steal clothes from Suella,
Racism’s best seller.
Bring out Mandy’s snake oil,
Then reinstate Neil Coyle.
Are they really that dumb,
How deeply will they plumb?
Seems they’ve taken an oath,
All out for growth, growth, growth.
Won’t support unions,
Only communions.
Self styled tool makers son
Cannot fool anyone.
My jaw drops as they sing
God save the king. THIS KING?
Can’t wait for twenty four,
We’ll see what he is for.
He might close his own door,
Not seen forevermore.
It feels, deep down inside,
There will be no landslide,
No cheers on Question Time,
How can they cross the line?
They break oaths, deals and pacts,
So we must face new facts,
New Labour stale and cold,
Policies weak and old.
Weep as they crash and burn,
Where next now can we turn?
Comrades, our hope dies last,
We’d better spread it, fast!

Harry Rogers in The Red Bedroom 27th May 2023.


This is where we’ve got to in twenty three,
How to end a war? Send more weaponry.
Forget about jaw jaw, diplomacy,
Pile in more drones, and clapped out F-16s,
MLRs, tanks, radioactivity,
Media tells us war is become peace.
Is this war politics by other means?
Human lives worth less than a hill of beans?
Russia v Ukraine now become obscene,
Battlefield graveyards fill up our news screens,
Here it is summer, our trees have turned green,
Butterflies flutter, we hear buzzy bees,
New homeless in tents are down on their knees,
They pray this is not start of world war three.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 22nd May 2023.


D T talks of whack jobs,
He cannot help himself,
Digs holes ever deeper,
Box of frogs grows larger,
Inside his coiffed up head,
He believes his own lies.

Somehow millions think
This mentally disturbed
Man is honourable.
They have lost all reason,
Seem ready to accept
New possibility
Of bloody civil war,
Stoked by narcissism.

Imitation alpha
Rides cart out on his course,
Slices balls into rough
Then claims a hole in one.
All his brood believe him
For he can do no wrong,
Above their rule of law
Believes that he is strong.
Blinded by arrogance,
Says first thing in his head,
It matters not to him
Who lives nor who is dead.

His MAGA warriors,
Ignore reality,
Legally armed to teeth,
Bullies, ready to act,
Beyond truth, beyond fact,
They’ll do what they are told,
Ready to shoot ’em up,
When D T tells them to.
Fear spread by boys that whoop,
How low will Donald stoop?

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 21st May 2023.


Don’t do the cheese sandwich, that’s what Ann said,
She’s totally bonkers, out of her head.
She’s no idea what it means to be poor,
How when prices rise income falls through floor.
Turn central heating to bare minimum,
Cut down toilet paper to wipe your bum.
Have you got problems when you pay your rent?
Don’t worry, move out and live in a tent.
Can’t afford holiday? Easy, don’t go.
We’ll all learn through Ann’s hard way, don’t you know?
Just cut your cloth to accord with your means,
Until that day when you can’t buy baked beans.
Watch Ann as she laughs, like Samuel Smiles,
Roll on that day we put Tories on trial.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 18th May, 2023.

Nat Cs Say Anything

Faceless financiers take us for rides,
Decade after decade gamble our lives.
Accountants help them to punish us all
As they play fast and loose with fiscal rules.
Westminster lawyers hand out faulty tools,
That take general public for complete fools.
Give with left hand then take away with right,
Mostly we give in without a fight,
Duped by fallacy of democracy,
Dished out by flakey aristocracy.
Class structure shows that we are The Many,
Yet we elect traitors, ten a penny.
They focus our minds on refugee boats,
Nat Cs say anything to win more votes.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 17th May 2023.


Her property owning democracy
Collapses down onto rickety knees,
Interest rate rises cripple mortgagees,
Tories still smile as they speak Sunakese.

This summer is when inflation is due,
To fall through their floor, our skies will turn blue,
This is their mantra spewed to me and you,
Reality dawns, it’s not fucking true.

Rentiers and tenants stuck together,
Locked in death spiral through sunny weather,
Houses have become nests without feathers,
Modern cash cows can’t be milked forever.

Bank rates rise, recession peeps through curtain,
Nothing is safe, nor anything certain.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 11th May 2023


A poem I wrote in 1982 about the New Cross Fire.

The flashes stolen

From the god of war

Parading on the streets

Just like before

Borrowed symbols

Turn the runes around

Dream wings are melting

Crashing to the ground

Children screaming,

Can’t you feel the parents loss?

A Nazi is hiding

Behind the broken cross

Stolen Lightning

Flashing round your head

Stolen Lightning

Illuminates the dead

Stolen Lightning

Eagles fly again

Stolen Lightning

From so-called “supermen”

 Harry Rogers 18th February 1982



Sent from Mail for Windows



Search for point where aristocrats vanish,
There is a hopeful perspective somewhere.
We can draw conclusions in our own way
If we take time, look long and hard enough.
Everything we do benefits greatly
From investigation and reflection.
Surrounded by baubles, bishops and bunk,
Overwhelmed with fanfares and stately junk,
Weighed down with Crown affixed to royal bonce,
Trapped, unable to cast a look askance,
One can but wonder what he really feels,
Now that everyone curtseys and kneels.
His eyes watched whilst minions didst anoint,
Perhaps he’s seen his own vanishing point.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 6th May 2023.


The order of today
Is chaos without care,
Take a good look around,
There’s bodies everywhere.
Trot off around our world,
Spread bullets, bombs and fear,
Ramp up faux pageantry,
Crown a billionaire.
Roll out old golden coach
As horse guards bob along,
Affirm those empire days,
Sing out loud that tired song,
Nothing less anthemic,
Keep weakest below strong,
Westminster Abbey bells,
Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong.
I still recall last time,
In nineteen fifty three,
That jelly and blancmange,
Black and white TV screen,
Same old same old same old,
Banner flags on our streets,
Media orgasmic,
Plus Richard Dimbleby.
Back then we all had hope,
We’d not long won the war,
Parents beat those Nazis,
They knew what they’d fought for.
Seventy years later
Many are not too sure,
Prejudice is rampant,
They’ve locked that Brexit door.
This time round I’ll not watch
Arcane brainwash TV,
No pomp nor circumstance
Nor glitter will tempt me.
I’ll be onstage with band
At Picklesfest for free,
Dance in our own mudbath,
In twenty twenty three.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 5th May 2023


They have No Drone Zones in Moscow,
Paranoia turned upside down,
Cheap firework bursts over Kremlin,
Claim it was attack on Putin.
Low grade propaganda display,
Designed to discredit Ukraine.
Russian people esteemed lowly,
State media takes them for rides,
Of course they know but dare not say
For fear of being shot in street.
It’s about justification
As wearisome war is ramped up.
Who knows what macho maniac
Scheme is planned next for Kyiv,
Whatever his generals do
Folks die in this puppet theatre.
Futility demeans us all
It’s time we saw some princes fall.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 4th May 2023


Before his crown is placed upon his head
His minions wasted no time at all
Mugs with his image wreathed in kingdom flags
Are handed out to all new kids at school,
Get them whilst they’re young, print subservience
Upon innocent tabula rasa.
Teach them how important it is to bow,
To curtsey, to scrape, to accept blue blood.
Never to question stolen enclosed land,
Become automata, die in their name,
Maintain royal privilege, play their game,
Swallow old customs hook, line, and sinker,
Don’t educate, stifle free thinkers,
Stir god into mix, insanely arcane.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 30th April 2023.


I heard the Viking of Sixth Avenue
On Radio Three this very morning
Still remember him from the seventies,
Rock machine turned me on to his rhythms,
Now it has become twice upon a time,
Machines are lions, men are become mice,
His vision of opposite arisen,
Singular society engulfs us,
A.I. underpins almost everything.
True seers appear largely unrecognised,
Playlist culture dictates consumption
And carves brains into model citizens.
Lamentations flow at lack of value
Given to improvisational thoughts.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 28th April 2023


What diverse amusement it would be if
Erik and Ludwig took tea in Montmartre.
I can see them both sat in Le Chat Noir,
Profiteroles, absinthe and Darjeeling,
Whilst they scrawl each others name on ceiling.
Dual divertissement on pianos grand,
Like maniacs they trade chords with four hands.
If they met there today what sounds they’d make,
As they try to comprehend lunacy
Of modern human preposterousness,
Chaotic vandalism, ecocide,
Theft, murder and total nihilist neglect.

Harry Rogers in the Green Room, 26th April 2023.


Pompeii like eruptions skew politics,
Democracy buried neath D U dust.
That’s Ukrainian uranium dust,
Russian depleted uranium dust,
British depleted uranium dust,
Yankee depleted uranium dust,
Depleted Uranium bullet dust
Swirls around battlefields throughout Ukraine,
Brings on Iraqi war syndrome again,
Hidden cancer killers blow on strong winds.
This scandalous hidden nuclear war
Roars on but none of us know anymore
How long is half life? And who’s keeping score?
It makes one wonder, what is all this for?

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 26th April 2023


Don’t chase dragons in the middle of the night,
Not unless you want another fucking fight.
Don’t do to me what you did to Angel John,
Everybody knew that that was fucking wrong.

You can’t bring me down
Won’t go down with you,
Been there once before
Won’t go there again.

I’ve seen how you wheedle, all your hooky ways,
You lure good people into desperate days.
Such self destruction, it’s really nothing new,
Can’t help you anymore, it’s all up to you.

You can’t bring me down
Won’t go down with you,
Been there once before
Won’t go there again.

I’ll not chase those dragons with you late at night,
Nor watch as you crave that old opium pipe,
That chemical kid you once knew is long gone,
Take real world pleasures now, sing different songs.

You can’t bring me down
Won’t go down with you,
Been there once before
Won’t go there again.
Those dream fueled dragons
All go up in smoke,
Won’t go there again,
You can’t bring me down.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 24th April 2023.


Briefly, thick fog parts like bedroom curtains,
Revelations sparkle for a moment,
So brightly that eyes are almost blinded.
Corruption stands starkly, proudly, erect.
Smeared with cadaverine, stench overwhelms.
This Brexit messenger lies, nonchalant,
As he infers fake Civil Service plot.
An arrogant bully gaslights us all, Sneers about snowflakery activists,
Yet one more sociopathic Tory,
Denigrates Trade Union membership,
Writes pamphlets against E U human rights,
Denies all charges, resigns anyway.
Westminster fog swallows him up again.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 23rd April 2023


Tellurians arise
Let’s tear down every flag
Smash up those armaments,
Let’s all work together,
Survival be our cause,
Till Tellus, grow for all,
Only have one marble
In whole of universe.
Don’t waste time on crap wars,
Nor ventures into space,
Build no more monuments,
Pension off kings and queens,
Remove all useless work.
Reset what time is for,
We only have this place,
Love this beautiful place,
Our Tellurian place.
Tellurians Arise,
Rise up Tellurians,
Before it is too late!

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 22nd April 2023.


Down there in Donald Town
They only like the same
Better keep your head down
If you won’t play their game
If you chose the other
When you’re in Donald town
You’d better hide away
Better keep your head down

Cos you’re
Just this side of an ambush
That’s how crazy they are,
Just this side of an ambush
Until they know who you are

They say they’re gonna make
Your country great again
Take you back to their past
Into their perfect dream
Do it all with their guns
In crazy Donald’s town
Fear conquers all for them
Better keep your head down

Cos you’re
Just this side of an ambush
That’s how crazy they are,
Just this side of an ambush
Until they know who you are
Just this side of an ambush
In crazy Donald’s town.

Harry Rogers on board Irish Ferry Blue Star 1, 19th April 2023.


At last, bad weather breaks.

Sun sets over Sherkin.

At end of perfect day,

Cradle ice cold Guinness

Sat outside Jacob’s Bar.

Talk of past Fiddle Fairs,

And many yet to come,

How many folk land here

By accidental means,

Then never leave again.

It’s one of those places

Engraved upon my heart

I love you Baltimore,

I think I always will.

Harry Rogers in The Stone House, Baltimore, 19th April 2023.


Gorse is shiny golden
On second sunny day.
Drive out of Baltimore
Past Canon Goodman’s grave,
On way to Mizen Head
To write away my day.
Wind blows strong up on point
Have to drive down again,
Through Barley Cove to harbour
Next to O’Sullivan’s,
Crookhaven fish chowder,
A pint of Murphy’s stout,
Seagulls swoop, clouds gather,,
I’m almost beautied out.

Harry Rogers, Crookhaven, 18th April 2023.


Teargas billows on Paris boulevards,
Whilst Wes Streeting shoots nurses down in flames,
This dough boy politician thinks he’s hard,
In his delusional leadership games.
His traitorous faux show, all wind and piss,
Where he kicks strikers in struggle and strife,
Reminds us how Kinnock stiffed the miners,
In studios with state journos from hell.
How often do we forget sacrifice,
Working lives pushed beyond call of duty.
This little speck of anti social shite
Leaves me raging cold whilst my anger fumes.
His rotten extreme centrist rhetoric
Shows us that he’s another Quisling prick.

Harry Rogers in the Stone House, Baltimore, West Cork 17thApril 2023


Tiger Cubs gather by Spreadeagle Yard,
Bo’s Albany posters peal off wood gates,
Space Invaders machine not where it’s at,
A ride to Blackheath is so much more fun.
Their pals in Rose and Crown press more buttons,
These young wild ones want more than fake shoot em up.
Ride up Crooms Hill past top of Greenwich Park,
Roar to Three Tuns where those Squeeze fans hang out,
Then down to Deptford to watch Red Lights play.
More than forty years since these young guys rode.
No smart phones then, nor either internet,
But they had freedom on South London roads.
I pass with camera, ask them to pose,
They looked majestic, yet neither one knows.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 11th April 2023


In this lottery called life
Beneath shiny midnight sun
We always meet new people
And, mostly, they will be fun.
Northern lights glow far away,
Whilst we wait for moon to rise,
Sleep comes all too easily,
Now we can drift on, away.

Dreamers dream away,
Dreamers dream away,
Wait and dreams will start,
Dreamers dream away.

Gates to Xanadu ajar,
Back on green jade couch again,
Each time eyes close mind’s open,
Wingless fly at will afar.
Here, where problems are resolved,
Rise high, travel further on,
Loudly sing our freedom song,
Forget pains of being old.

Dreamers dream away,
Dreamers dream away,
Wait and dreams will start,
Dreamers dream away.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 9th April 2023.


Numbers matter greatly when chips are down.
Four five indicted on thirty four counts,
Three lawyers proclaim felonious junk,
Trump pulls ten million to campaign funds.
Two police stand behind defendants dock,
Two hours total to spell out arraignment
Eleven SUVs in motorcade
Nine months to start court hearing in New York.
Thousands line streets on Florida return,
They treat one man as if he is their god,
He waves five fingers from his limousine,
Millions still conned by his shite charade,
Zero truths tumble from betwixt his lips,
Countless more charges await sinking ship.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 9th April 2023


Let loose personalised attack shite hounds,
Begin electoral campaign early,
Use same tactics employed against Corbyn,
Make Sunak clear target, cut Tories head.
Gloves are off, use bare hands to spread shit thick,
Shovel relentlessly, then more will stick.
Truth immaterial, truth does not count,
Justified ends dictated by amount.
New Labour dung beetles beaver away,
Roll out balls of bullshit, day after day.
One thing they never seem to understand,
When e’er they point a shit covered finger,
At individuals on highest shelf,
Then three sticky ones point back at themselves.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 8th April 2023


Incitement is addictive, so it seems.
Blonde haired vulture in a dark overcoat
Warns there will be blood and death on the streets
If he’s convicted. High power blackmail.
Will his stock of feline lives run out now?
His corporate jet glides into New York,
Sychophants, proud boys, armed trolls, maga wonks
Camp outside courts, await signal to act.
As on January six, twenty one,
Democracy is in deep danger once more,
Flags, banners, caps, waistcoats, bandeliers,
Manky merchandise and propaganda
Flood pavement, TV screens and Twitter feeds.
What the Fuck? Will this nightmare never end?

Harry Rogers, In the Red Bedroom, 3rd April 2022


Today saw one for sorrow, two for joy,
Three for a girl, a girl, a girl, my girl
I saw three magpies, a bank of daffodils,
Spring in the air, I forgot how that feels.
A gale blows my mind, trapped on muddy track
By stopped mercedes delivery van
Wedged across a tight corner in downpour.
Twilight fades as Sand Rubies fill my car
With exquisite sounds, rock and roll guitar,
All I can think of are those three magpies,
Three for a girl, a girl, a girl, my girl,
Surrounded by those golden daffodils.
Despite torrential rainfall Spring is sprung,
I’m on my way home to my daffodil girl.

Harry Rogers, in the Red Bedroom 31st March 2023.


Sunak sees Starmer’s anti-social rant
Then raises stakes and Trumps him with his kant.
Send out Govey Govey onto TV,
With silver spoon to stir sugary tea.
Talk of bad behaviour in all our towns,
Seriously, how can we stand such clowns?
They tested parliament for cocaine,
Found traces all over, not heard again!
Anti-social MPs do lines out back,
Did not test Boris party sites, how slack.
Journos and spads spin lies jointly crass,
New wizard wheeze? Focus on laughing gas.
Everywhere we look, everywhere we turn
Laws pile higher, waiting for us to burn.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 27th March 2023


In shadow behind Guillotine
Tumbrels began to roll.
Revolution on streets again
Flames warm cockles of soul.
Royal visit quickly cancelled,
Bordeaux is out of bounds,
On Twitter I watch videos
Revel in protest sounds.
Only one hundred miles away
From our parliament
People riot when leaders say
They’ll take away our rights.
Here we all knuckle down each day,
We never stand and fight.
En France they burn down their town halls
When times become too hard,
Whilst we agree to play by rules,
And sweep out Royal yards.
We slave whilst our billionaires
Kit out their super yachts.
Stolen money from private shares,
They keep the fucking lot.
New days will dawn,
They’re coming soon,
We’ll take away
Their silver spoons.
Vive la revolution
Vive la revolution,
Recherché, recherché,
Vive la revolution.

Harry Rogers in the Green Room, 24th March 2023.


New New Labour is distastefully slick
In so many many ways, I feel sick.
Not just Sir Smear wrapped in union jacks,
Nor plunges of knives into comrades backs,
Those lies fed to hungry media hacks,
Nor those pledges scrapped post leadership win,
Smarmy greetings to welcome back traitors,
Sly installation of old Blarite shite,
Denial of help for workers on strike.
Though all of these things truly bad enough,
It’s their belief that they can win power
If they all mimic Tory personas,
And treat working class folk as total fools,
That really, really, pisses me right off.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom,
13th March 2023.


BBC Tories torpedo themselves
Stop The Boats campaign rapidly sinks.
Question time panels obviously rigged,
Rotten chair flounders, interventions stink.

Freedom of expression footballer creed,
Black lives do matter when they take the knee,
Being impartial means freedom of speech,
End of pier shows washed up on cancel beach.

Morality matters for refugees,
It’s time to stand up to dog whistle tweets,
Footballers working hard to help us drive
Patriotic Alternative off streets.

Sunak, Braverman, Macron and Blunkett,
All tarred with same brush, fake vox pop junkies.

Harry Rogers In the Red Bedroom, 11th March 2023.


It’s a funny old game football, innit?
As a player Gary never sent off,
Never ever got a red card, never,
Some people have queered his pitch, he has NOW.

Unlike old club, Spurs, defence is solid,
Pundits and presenters hold strong backline,
There’s no Match Of The Day, no substitutes,
Political penalty shoot out sucks.

Where is V.A.R. when we need it most?
Clearly it’s a premeditated foul
Committed by an unqualified ref,
It’s handbags on BBC halfway line.

Whistle blows, Lineker United win
Morality Cup by a country mile.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 11th March 2023.


They keep it in their family
These spivs who take the piss,
Gonna give his dad a knighthood,
Or so the papers say.
Modern faux aristocracy,
Behaviour as if kings,
They ignore Machiavelli
Don’t understand his Prince.
They wallow deep in privilege,
Take all of us for fools,
Don’t care that we are watching them,
Whilst they break their own rules,
Nicolo knew well what happens,
When we are unhappy,
The more those Johnsons fill their boots,
The further will they fall.

Harry Rogers in the Melon Sorbet Room, 8th March 2023


Celia Lang, Peace and Justice activist, RIP.

Taboo nights with Celia
And friends in Capel Iwan,
Nevermore will we spend time,
On fun so palsie wowsy.
Cardigan rock and roller,
A jiver through and through,
Energy legendary
In all things that she would do.
Bro Emlyn Peace and Justice,
CND and Amnesty,
On streets flew banners up high,
Wore her heart upon her sleeve.
At work she’d been a midwife
Her whole life filled up with care.
If you never had enough
You knew Celia would share.
Those times when Cee would phone me,
Heard that twinkle in her eyes,
She knew how to get her way,
Cee knew how to organise.
Now that she has gone away
Our glorious activist,
We’ll not forget what she did,
Our Celia shall be missed.

Aberbanc, 7th March 2023.


A strong wind roars across America
There’s a whiff of something bad in cool air.
The political sewers have collapsed,
And cars drive into Trumpholes everywhere.
Thirty confederate flatbed pickups,
Convene way out on highway eighty five,
Old glory flags aplenty fly up high,
Wide eyed frightened wasps, dead yet still alive.
We drive past quickly, leave them all behind,
Head on to a dazzling future Off Grid,
Beyond their hurricane that nasty blows,
These Jones’s don’t know what it is they did.
Still is this morning once tempest is quelled,
Peace rules over madness across our world.

Harry Rogers, 521 Harold Avenue, Atlanta  24/08/2017.


A dragon shaped cloud drifts slowly through cerulean skies

Large raindrops appear to fall as soft tears from it’s eyes

Blown on hot North African winds filled with blood red dust

Coating the hillsides with a dull carpet like desert rust

They say the water has turned crimson in the river Towy

Sounds of Gaza echo across the valley from Capel Dewi

Harry Rogers, in Harriboy’s Hut, 24/10/2015


Flattened ninth evening as Nablus in flames,
So called settlers play crap Apartheid games.
Ignored by our media, something’s wrong,
Truth, peace and justice don’t seem to belong.
Sixty six protesters dead, one each day,
Israel’s democracy blown away,
Hundreds more imprisoned, locked up in chains,
Then tear gassed in cells to add to their pains.
Knesset degenerates for all to see,
Whilst they debate “bring in death penalty”.
You don’t have to be a sharp eyed eagle
To work out how to make murder legal.
Meanwhile our media wastes precious time,
Diverts our gaze from slaughterhouse crimes.

Harry Rogers in The Red Bedroom, 4th March 2023


The warmth of early morning sun

Gently heats her shoulders.

Her mother, methodically,

Peels a potato pile,

Into small red washing up bowl,

Sings softly to herself.

A round tin table with wire legs

On tiled balcony floor.

Slightly bent railings, needing paint

Blue shuttered door hangs straight.

This girl, in her white patterned dress,

Sitting quietly as mum makes lunch,

Surveys shattered bomb site.

Buildings all around peeled open,

Like giant sardine tins,

Their contents spilled onto green lawns.

Everyday lives revealed.

All her neighbours now moved away,

To camps and countries new,

Friends in school now seem spirit like,

Sounds of mopeds ghostly,

Still stand swings, gone her roundabouts.

Parents hanging on still,

Clinging tenacious to their home,

Their room without a view.

Harry Rogers, Aberbanc, February 20th 2017.


Villanelle #1

On the terrace, thinking of childhood days,

You look happy, for once have no shakers

Smiling, as sunbeams play across your face

Rollers rising from ankles to their waists,

Hear distant squealing in blue white breakers

See our children dancing in the green bay

 Shafts of bright light through umbrella slats race

Our moment real, we forget the fakers

Smiling as sunbeams play across your face

A brown dog that looks like our long lost Grace

Runs into the surf with our merrymakers

See, our children, dancing in the green bay

Your eyes gleaming as you say “Lovely day.”

“Yes.” I reply, thinking of time takers,

Smiling, as sunbeams play across your face

Clouds drift across, sunlight fading away

Smells of coffee and almond cake bakers

See our children, dancing in the green bay,

Smiling, as sunbeams play across your face

Harry Rogers: In The Hut, 4th July 2016

 I wrote this poem after a free writing exercise during week five of the creative writing course sessions I attended in 2016 at  Aberystwyth University.  I used the writing prompt “In the distance.” from a selection in the handout.  I also chose green bay from the Dylan Thomas poem Do Not Go Gentle. The following is verbatim what I wrote in that session:-

In the distance, dancing in the green bay, the children squeal with pleasure as the rollers rise from their ankles to their waists.  The smell of lemon tort and coffee drift across the terrace as we reminisce about those childhood days.  For once you look happy as the sunbeams play across your face through the slats of the umbrella. A dog that looks just like our long lost friend runs into the surf with the kids and I see a hint of recognition in your eyes followed by a slight frown as you realise it cannot be him.

“This is a lovely day.” you say.

“Yes.” I answer, wistfully.


A blonde back-bench Aluxe hides in full view,
Drips mischief into ears of acolytes
From old school Brexiteer society,
Hopes beyond hope to poison Sunak’s well.
Hasta Nunca baby, Windsor knot tied,
Your uncooked bun in oven has rotted,
Lies fly blown in historical dustbin,
New Chef cooks up Cordon Bleu recipe.
It’s time this shitty careerist fucked off,
He can no longer use parliament
As his very own personal plaything,
His gaslighting days and nights now over.
Thing is though, are we being fooled again?
After all new boss is still a Tory!

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 28th February 2023.


Things would be so much calmer
If we never had Kier Starmer,
Nor those goons at Panorama,
Yup, life would be a Brahma.
But that ain’t gonna happen,
He’ll make a pledge, break a pledge,
Surround himself with liars,
Push good comrades off the edge,
Set light to socialist pyres.
Announce another relaunch,
Build new castles in blue sky,
Welcome back traitors who flaunt
Their facility to lie.
Trot out in desperation
From all our televisions
Shout loud across t’nation,
He’s got these five new missions.
Emboldened by online polls,
He dreams of future landslide,
His army of Twitter trolls,
Commit Corbyn homicide.
He’s no media charmer,
An idiot in armour,
Yeah, life would be a Brahma,
If we never had Kier Starmer!

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 27th February 2023.


Ten years ago my good friend Marc Gordon and I were doing performance poetry gigs as The Chilly Dogz. We got paid to do a gig in Merthyr Tydfil and with the fee we booked a day at Studio 49 in Narberth, Pembrokeshire, on 14th February 2013 where we recorded an album of love songs called Ripples In The Water. Here are those songs in MP3 format.

Ripples In The Water
The Secret Garden
The Dutiful Princess
Skunk Farmer
The Hidden Path
Dandelion Wine
Almost Young
Where Bluebells Bloom
Unfaithfully Yours
The Tipping Point Of Love
All Of The Best Times
Where Bluebells Bloom alternative version


It’s 12 years since Fukushima nuclear disaster and still the radiation spill continues. I wrote this poem in 2012, today I recorded this demo of me reading it.

All remember Nagasaki
Never forget Hiroshima
Now we stand and cry together
On the beach at Fukushima
This is where we meet our Nuclear nemesis
The fuel companies are lying
Political leaders are lying
Certain scientists are lying
Just keep right on lying
Chernobyl partly melted down
It killed a million people
Fukushima is much more
Deadly for the Japanese
But that’s not where it ends
It’s only the beginning
Pollution in the atmosphere
The Pacific ecosystem
Is well and truly fucked
Mutant mammals birds and fishes
Turn up all around the globe
We’re irradiated, we don’t EVEN know
All remember Nagasaki
Never forget Hiroshima
Now we’re standing together
On the beach at Fukushima
We’re all in it together
On the beach at Fukushima

Harry Rogers in the old study 4th October 2012


Harri Boy Rogers solo demo in the hut.

I feel a presence as I clean my shoes,
Alone, yet watched, I am not on my own.
On my radio I hear dreadful news,
Rwanda bound refugees plane now flown.
Such immorality, beyond compare,
Easily forced on already war torn,
Herded airborne cattle into despair,
There to wonder why they were ever born.
Earnestly politicians justify
Their sad actions with fake humility.
The more I listen the sooner I cry,
As terror fills the space beyond pity.
A beak taps window, I look up from shoes,
Brown thrush blinks at me, free to fly, to choose.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 14th June 2022.


A syndrome has run rife through New Labour,
Love for a centrist TINA hijacker
Who has painted them into a corner
Where he injects bile against left comrades,
Into veins of all loyal supporters.
With his vapid anti strike rhetoric,
Top down control of what to think and say,
With four precise folded butcher’s aprons
Now time to plunge daggers further into
Space between shoulder blades of last leader.
Sycophantic journalists cream their ink,
Lies flow steadily across Rubicon.
When they lie they make sure it’s a big one,
Tell It over and over until it’s true……

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 20th February 2023


Scrutiny swirls hard around poor claimants,
Until you become totally homeless.
It’s at that focal point of penury,
When helpless victims lose everything
That society turns its gaze away.
Safety nets rendered useless by tax cuts,
Sink holes swallow up young and old alike.
Beneath our feet John Lennon’s hell exists,
Behind Chinese walls of scorn and disgust,
Beyond all bourgeois imagination,
Forgotten children commit suicide
To escape spirals of desperation.
Tragedy is hard wired into us all,
Some people can live with this, others can’t.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 19th February 2023


Guillotines, Guns, & Gas
Donald, on his way back,
Injections not enough,
He needs to make things rough.
Death by all means he calls,
Line groups up against walls,
Film each one as they fall,
Fear will conquer us all.
Phone up DOA bugs,
Grass purveyors of drugs,
MAGA on fire again,
Donald’s back on his plane.
We’ve seen it all before,
During second world war,
Public executions,
Soon became commonplace.
Recall Edelweiss League,
Pirates and Navajos,
Hung by necks in a row,
Darkest days in Cologne.
This ogre with small hands
Sings on blood soaked bandstands,
Soon we’ll witness live pain,
Donald Trump’s back, again.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom
18th February 2023


I drive at dawn
Black against blue
I’m nearly home
Black against blue
Crows against sky
Black against blue
Murder on high
Black against blue
I watch them fly
Black against blue
Stark in sunlight
Black against blue
I’ve missed ravens
Black against blue
Black against blue
Huddle of rooks
Black against blue
Black against blue
Black Jac-y-do
Black against blue
Clattering train
Black against blue
Magpie mischief
Black against blue
Black against blue
No place like home
Black against blue
Teifi Valley
Black against blue

Harry Rogers, in the Red Bedroom 16th February 2023.


Now, at last, we see it, unvarnished truth.
Not truth based on freedom and built through hope,
But a complete flowering of naked
Unadulterated, revelation.
We see equality equated with
Patriotism, two omnipresent
Union jacks furled on left and right sides
Of a grinning Quisling extraordinaire,
As he punches home final coffin nails.
Death to democratic socialism,
Goodbye to all political freedom,
Farewell to honesty, integrity,
It’s all over, Socialists shown the door,
I’ll never vote Labour for evermore.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 16th February 2023.


Me aged 11

We spend our whole lives searching out
Reasons why and what it’s all about
Priests and teachers offer choices wide
But hardly ever do we take a look inside
When we were babies we tasted anything
Hot or cold we picked up every single thing
Tested out the world and all that was new
Somehow along the way we forget what to do
We let other people show us their way
Sometimes listen to what they got to say
Occasionally it’s more than just show
We put it on the pile with the other things we know

But when you meet your maker
You won’t know what to do
‘Cos when you meet your maker
You’ll find out it is you

We let politicians show us their way
Sometimes listen to what they got to say
Once in a while it’s more than just show
Put it on that pile with those other things we know

But when you meet your maker
You won’t know what to do
‘Cos when you meet your maker
You’ll find out it is you

We are what we do
We are what we do
Yeah when you meet your maker
You’ll find out it is you.

Harry Rogers In the old study, 2011. (Archived lyric)


Keep your head down, avoid all bright lights.
Don’t admit responsibility,
Ignore thousands of hearts upon walls,
Push away those years Before Covid,
When families were wholly normal.
Pump post pandemic propaganda,
Exude After Disruption credence,
Despite six hundred deaths every week,
Increases in hospital admissions,
A clapped out health service on it’s knees,
Despite all this continue to lie.
Stonewall all questions that might hurt you,
Continue to drag out enquiry,
De-prioritise reality,
Concentrate on deflection of truth,
Rise without trace to top of the tree.
Continually offer something
Undeliverable dressed as new.
Convince people that crumbs from tables
Will keep them well away from breadlines.
Keep scandal powder dry until just
Before next general election.
Resort to old war footing tactics,
Scare us totally fucking shitless.
Flood our lives with patriotism,
Manufacture more ammunition,
Rattle sabres louder every day.
Crown a new king to lead us all on,
What next? Aliens block internet?

Harry Rogers, In the melon sorbet room, 15th February 2023.


Some days I feel
I am not quite
Over that hill
Not quite over

Others I rush
Over edges
Slide way on down
Over that hill

Slippery slopes
On my way down
I watch myself
Slip slip away

Still not under
Under that hill
I’m not under
Under that hill

I take my pills
Every morning
And night time too
I’m a good boy

Up hill down dale
One more real ale
Today I am
Close to that edge

Edge of that hill
Ground slides away
I’m not over
Over that hill

Neither am I
Under that hill
Not yet under
That hill, not yet

Harry Rogers, Edwinstowe, 12th February 2023.


Early Scene Red Live demo recorded in Dolwion Mill music room in 2012


She was coming on – – -Really strong
Just like a red rag – – -It was wrong
Her jiving was driving me crazy
My memory’s a little bit hazy
If I was still a younger geezer
I’d take a chance with this little teaser
Just like Monroe did to Gable
She laid it all out on the table
I looked at her and said – – – Get outa here
I turned my back – – – Picked up my beer
Leave me be
Leave me be
Please, Please, Please
Leave me be
She was coming on – – -Really Full
Just like a red rag – – -To a bull
We would’ve had a lotta fun
Back then my engine would run and run
Her jiving was driving me crazy
My memory’s a little bit hazy
Just like Monroe did to Gable
She laid it all out on the table
I looked at her and said – – – Get outa here
I turned my back – – – Picked up my beer
Now I always say
Leave me here
With my beer
Leave me be
Please, Please, Please
Just leave me be

Harry Rogers in the old study, Aberbanc, 30th July 2011


Early Scene Red demo 2012


Harry Rogers in the old study, October 2011


She’s got a lot more front than Brighton beach,
She gives off odour of a stalking horse,
Disrupts like Trump with hammer to a peach,
A false flag for BoJos return of course.

This murder of crows will not go away,
Sociopaths sing same growth growth growth song,
Determined return to make us all pay,
Never accept they’ve done anything wrong.

Another run round media circus,
Roll up their sleeves for next fix of power,
Care not whether their actions will hurt us,
They’ll poison Westminster wells hour by hour.

Regurgitate mantras from benches back,
Privatise services, cut income tax.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 6th February 2023


That day we heard what you said
Sounds fine and dandy
Your words echo in our heads
Sounds fine and dandy
People took you at your word
So fine and dandy
Vote for what we thought we heard
Sounds fine and dandy

Then we all saw what you did,
Not fine, nor dandy,
How in hell you kept that hid,
Not fine, nor dandy
You ask us to trust in you,
Not fine, not dandy
After that we can’t trust you,
Not fine, nor dandy.

We want our leaders
To walk it like they talk it
We need our leaders
To walk it like they talk it
Not like you just did
Threw your promises away,
We cannot trust you
To walk it like you talk it.

Pledge after pledge after pledge,
Thrown beneath your bus
You trashed your former comrades
Shat all over us
Denigrated picket lines
Not fine nor dandy
We’ll never, ever, trust you
Not fine, nor dandy.

It’s what you do
Not what you say
It’s what you did
Not what you said
We will never
Trust a traitor
Nor will ever
Vote for traitors.

Harry Rogers, In the melon sorbet room, Sunday 5th February 2023


Early Scene Red Rehearsal Demo

I took a look inside
Your real cool heart
It’s just not nice inside
Your real cool heart
There’s a block of ice inside
Your real cool heart
Gripped me like a vice inside
Your real cool heart
For more than forty four years
You were a friend of mine
When young shared our drugs
Our women and our wine
Lately something I noticed
Your heart beats real cool
You treat everybody
Like your very own fool
I took a look inside
Your real cool heart
It’s just not nice inside
Your real cool heart
There’s a block of ice inside
Your real cool heart
Gripped me like a vice inside
Your real cool heart
You set yourself up
As the arbiter of taste
Ah but when you look
Your whole life’s been a waste
But nobody out there
Would say it to your face
‘Cause you think you’re better
Than the whole human race
I took a look inside
Your real cool heart
It’s just not nice inside
Your real cool heart
There’s a block of ice inside
Your real cool heart
Gripped me like a vice inside
Your real cool heart
Another weird thing I’ve noticed
It’s not an endearing feature
You never pour the tea for others
You‘re the most indolent creature
Everybody thought you were so cool
They have done right from the start
Beatnik poses when you were at school
Were hiding up your real cool heart
I won’t look twice inside
Your real cool heart
It’s just not nice inside
Your real cool heart
There’s a block of ice inside
Your real cool heart
Gripped me like a vice inside
Your real cool heart
It’s been like that from the very start
Go away with your real cool heart

Harry Rogers in the old study, Aberbanc, 2012.


Based on one night in Soho 1963 when I was too young to be out at that time of night……

She is sitting on a stool at The Purple Pussycat
Sipping a highball from a Coca Cola bottle
She’s wearing a white raincoat and stilettos
That’s all, just a white raincoat and stilettos
On the stairs outside there’s an argument
Between the doorman and two right villains
Next thing one geezer with a shooter comes
Through the door, robs the till, shoots the mirror
Behind the bar and runs off laughing hyena like
Me and her still sit on the corner of the counter
Clutching tightly our illegal highballls in our hands
She looks bewildered in her
White raincoat and stilettos
Totally stunning in her
White raincoat and stilettos
Nothing else, just her
White raincoat and stilettos
Outside on Gérard Street on this very early
Sunday morning warm July rain is teeming
From next door’s basement comes the noise
Of late  night Chinese poker players screaming
Our barman sweeps up broken shards of glass
She asks whether he’s got any purple hearts
I slide a small brown paper envelope across
The silver flecked black Formica counter top
She tips two blue triangle tablets in her palm
Chugs them with lukewarm scotch and coke
I watch her quivering in her
White raincoat and stilettos
Shaking like a leaf in her
White raincoat and stilettos
Nothing else, just her
White raincoat and stilettos
She turns to me and says she’s kinda worried
Says she has to tell someone what’s happened
She’s just finished working an American John
He fell off to sleep as soon as the job was done
His stacked wallet lay open at the bottom of the bed
Saw five thousand dollars, it went straight to her head
She slipped on her white raincoat and stiletto shoes
Grabbed the money from the wallet, ran to the Pussycat
God she’s so excited, never seen so much cash before
I’m feeling slightly blocked as she shows me her score
She looks triumphant in her
White raincoat and stilettos
So super lively in her
White raincoat and stilettos
Nothing else, just her
White raincoat and stilettos

Harry Rogers, in the old study some time in 2015.


Someone dumped a car battery in our duck pond,
Along with fourteen cans of congealed enamel paint,
Two hundred bent rusty nails, a broken tool belt,
A mildewed collection of Ty beanie babies,
Two mauve plastic Adirondack style broken chairs,
And five large black bin bags filled with chicken giblets.
A month later everyone from twenty miles round
Has added their waste to this gigantic mountain.
Ducks have flown, people groan, stench is blown, herons moan.
Local council used to do all waste disposal,
They’d take everything, dump it out of view,
Life was so much more aesthetically pleasing,
Pre compulsory competitive tendering.
Thatcher’s privatisation fucked everything up,
Britain has become a paradise island
For fly by night, mafia, white van man, shitbags.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 2nd February, 2023


Androids turning us on

Now all the jobs are gone

Robots dancing the pole

To Android rock and roll

Automatons hang out

Holograms twist and shout

Human redundancy

Goodbye to you and me

Because the

Pole dancing robots are here

Yeah the pole dancing robots are here

Mechanic smiling toys

Motorised girls and boys

Dance with Simulacrum

Beat on electric drum

Resurrect vinyl Mum,

The end has almost come.

Harry Rogers, Harriboy’s Hut,14th February 2017.


Bait up the trotline,

Stretched across the sands,

Bucket field mushrooms,

Seasalter crop,

Grandfather’s breakfast,

Another early fifties holiday.

On the never ending beach

My brother pats one more castle,

I coax crabs from under rocks.

Mum watches her new boyfriend,

Do handstands on breakwater.

And you?


You ignore us all,

As usual.

Harriboy’s Hut, Aberbanc: 5th November 2016


Slips on his Cross of St George Undies,
Resists urge to scratch new facial tattoo,
Laces up his old steel toecap boots,
Takes black Harrington off hallway hook,
Doesn’t give washing up a second look,
This most ancient throwback bovver boy,
Ignorant and forever angry,
Is off to local rubber-dub-dub
To baaa baaa with his flock of white sheep,
Once a skinhead always a skinhead,
He is Millwall and no-one likes him,
And he proudly says he doesn’t care.
Drives off on his vintage chromed Lambretta,
As his wife moves her suitcase to front door.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 1st February 2023


Cultures die when accountants slash and burn,
Auditors bayonet any wounded.
“There is no alternative, must be done,
We have to balance books” their battle cry.
St David’s Hall, Cardiff, is now sold off,
One more public venue frittered away,
Along with our libraries, toilets too,
Local art collections decimated,
All because those bean counters told them to.
Our heritage plundered, stolen away
By neo liberal barbarians,
Who fly false flags whilst doing as they’re told.
Hunt talks of growth to save economy,
Culture makers watch dreams evaporate.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 30th January 2023


Smear Starmer sifts through Tory shite,
Turns screws on victims upon rack,
Presents himself whiter than white,
Wears stab vest tight across his back.

Across chamber brickbats do fly,
Our man in Kyiv drops clanger,
More lambs line up for sacrifice,
Rishi waves his bankers wanger.

Tory Chairman muffs alibis,
Hunt trots out more lies upon lies,
Longer, stronger, picket lines,
Old new government threatens fines.

King calls for people volunteers,
Help Out he says, no wages! Cheers!
Let’s all give something for nothing,
We might as well, we’re used to it.

Harry Rogers in The Melon Sorbet Room, 27th January 2023


Chieftains, Leopards, Yankee doodle tankies,
War machine mongers play hanky pankys,
Drip, drip, drip weaponry out to the front,
Watch Boris perform publicity stunt.
In Kyiv shelters packed whilst missiles fly,
Nobody talks of any reasons why.
Slowly we all drift towards world war three,
Putin ignores back door diplomacy,
Thousands more young men, struck down in their prime,
Silently we accept this stupid crime.
Latest technological weapons sent,
Newscast propagandists all seem hell bent
To ramp up use of sick killer machines.
Is this what being human really means?

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 27th January 2023


When I heard of George Michael’s death I wrote this, just found it on my phone.


Georgie boy,
Georgie boy,
See you burned your leather jacket.
Georgie boy,
Georgie boy,
That must have cost you a packet.

Your Instamatic friends,
Still chopping out the lines
They’re getting rather ripe,
They’re falling off the vines.

Georgie boy,
Georgie boy,
Still had a really gorgeous voice.
Georgie boy,
Georgie boy,
You made a very silly choice.

Now you’re gone, they’re still here,
It’s not a pretty sight,
Still hanging with the rich,
You knew it is not right.

Georgie boy,
Georgie boy,
Why’d you burn your leather jacket?
Georgie Boy,
Georgie Boy,
Could not stand the racket?

One day you found you had
No more bridges to burn.
Georgie that was the time,
You thought it was your turn.

Georgie boy,
Georgie boy,
Why’d you burn your leather jacket?
Georgie boy,
Georgie boy,
Shoulda saved that leather jacket.

Harry Rogers, In bed, Pencnwcau, 27th October 2017


Recession held back by
Post covid Christmas and
Small Qatar world cup boom,
Not increased production.

Fueled by credit card debt,
New live now pay later,
The worst is yet to come,
We ain’t seen nothing yet.

Hot braziers crackle,
Cold pickets warm their hands.
Sick Tory scabs cackle,
They never understand.

Mick calls out Keir Starmer
To come stand by his side,
Labour front bench drama
They sneak away and hide.

There’s no alternative
We hear the Centrist cry.
Look back through history
To see the reason why.

Didn’t support miners,
They took Thatchers blue pill,
Marketised services,
Their chaos with us still.

Health workers and teachers,
Rock solid together,
Rishi on his soap box,
Sells the twelfth of never.

One more snake oil salesman
Pounds English roads again,
Sends news clips from his phone,
Ignores truth, denies pain.

Desperate to be seen,
As if the same as us,
Framed, as Dorian Gray,
Self portraits Mar-V-Lus.

Happy clappy stooges
Cheer each new utterance
Growth, growth, growth, level up,
On heads of pins they dance.

It’s time we joined the dots,
Failures are connected,
New liberals still plot,
Profits are protected.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 20th January 2023.



The latest collection of 114 poems mostly written in 2022 now available as an e-book. The paperback book now available at



As he stood on the scaffold on Blackwall Point looking across Bugsby’s Reach, with his bright blue eyes, at the other gibbets on Cuckold’s Point Charlie Hendry was seething with rage. Not only was he about to be hung for something he had not done but these rotten king’s excise men had refused to let him say farewell to his fair Betsy. He could feel the blood drain away from his face as the anger grew inside him. The large crowd were gathered on the shoreline and he could see Betsy standing in the front row, wearing her best red velvet cape, being comforted by her brother Jack as she was clearly in some distress. Standing on the muddy stones at the bottom of the Scaffold stood a man with some paper in his hand and a quill pen, his ink pot rested on the bottom spar. Charlie guessed this must be a journalist waiting to record his last words.

“Anything to say Charlie?” the scribe called up.

“Tell my Betsy I’ll not forget her, and I will do my best to come back and find her,”, he replied, “and tell that lying son of a dozen fathers Ben Beak my soul won’t rest until I get my revenge for what he has done. Neither he nor his family will escape my wrath, no matter that it takes all of time I will wreak my vengeance upon all his spawn. Such a revenant as I will be will stop all hearts when first they see. Mark this well ink man, I am not to be denied my retribution for this heinous miscarriage. “

“You won’t be coming back from where you’re going,” , said the hangman as he tightened the noose around Charlie’s neck, “ain’t no way back from hell!”

The priest began reading out the Lords Prayer and Charlie stared at the rotting corpses hanging in the cages nearby and he knew that soon he would be hanging in a cast iron body cage from the end of a gibbet at the low water tide mark. He knew the fate that awaited him, hung first then face painted with tar and white cotton mask stuck on, left to swing as the tide ebbed and flowed over his body whilst the flesh rotted from his bones. Exhibited as a warning to all who practiced piracy on the high seas. William Kidd, Charles Vane, William Fly, Jack Rackham and many other notorious pirate captains, he knew they had all ended up the same way. Ben Beak had sold his name to the excise men for a pipe of rum, falsely accusing him of being a pirate and robbing one of King George the Thirds war ships moored in the Thames off Greenwich pier.

Charlie looked towards the crowd, shouted out “I am a’coming back for you my sweet lover.” and Betsy stared straight into his gleaming blue eyes as the crowd jeered whist the trap door was released and he fell through with his body wrenching his head and breaking his neck as he struggled to stay alive.

It took a full two minutes before his body stopped twitching and he finished dancing the hempen jig. The executioner and his assistant cut him down, put his body into the body cage, closing the hinges on the arms, legs and head, then they carried him back up the scaffold and connected the link on the top of the head guard to the hook on the chain at the end of the gibbet and there was his final gruesome resting place, swinging in the wind as the red sailed barges and black sailed wherries made their way up the river Thames into the cold sunset on this new years eve of 1799.

It was New Years Eve, it was New Millennium Eve. Sir James Beak, chairperson of the events organising committee sat at his desk in his office inside the newly completed Millennium Dome sharing a glass of champagne with his Secretary, Betsy Ellison, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second, her husband Prince Phillip, Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie. Two security guards stood outside the office and everything seemed to be going smoothly. There were two and a half hours to go before the opening of the Dome at midnight, the rehearsal had been fraught but they all seemed to know what their respective roles entailed. The fact that the transport arrangements for all the politicians and the myriad of journalists and VIPs had gone completely to pot was something they could do nothing about. Tony’s legacy project was almost complete and there was no time left.

“I must say Tony this is certainly a most magnificent structure. A fitting place to focus the eyes of the nation at this most important and exciting moment. Thank you so much for for all your diligence in seeing it through to this point.”, said the Queen

“Oh thank you so much but I cannot take the credit for all of it, all of the hard work was done by Sir James and his team, I just kept a watchful eye as the project progressed.”, answered Tony Blair

“Interesting place to put the blighter,” said Prince Phillip, “I heard that Blackwall Point was the place where the Pirates hung on chains in gibbet cages in the old days. One used to be able to order a plate of whitebait and glass of porter whilst looking at their rotting carcases swinging in the breeze through spyglasses in the local riverside taverns. Can’t do that sort of thing these days, more’s the pity.”

“Take no notice of Phillip. he doesn’t mean it, do you?”, the Queen said as she shot Phillip one of her withering glances.

“Eh, what? Oh yes, if you say so my dear. Still a most interesting place indeed.”

Just as Sir James was about to offer more interesting information about the site there was a knock on the door and then the head of security came into the room.

“I am sorry to interrupt your majesty,” he said “I am afraid we have received a telephone call saying that there is a bomb planted in one of the tunnels beneath the dome. We do not think there is anything in it, probably a hoax, but, just to be on the safe side, we are carrying out a search of all the service tunnels. We think it would be best if you all came with me and vacated the site whilst we do our check, just in case you understand.”

“How tiresome.” said Cherie, “You would think people would let us have at least one moment of splendor. Everybody has been so horrible about this project right from the word go. The media, the politicos on the left and the right, none of them have had a good word to say about it. I will be glad when tonight is over and we can all move on into the 2000’s.”

“If you would like to come along with me we have two cars waiting to whisk you all away to safety.”, said the security chief

“I had better go down and see for myself what is going on,” said Sir James,”might be a good idea if you came too Betsy. I will see you all back on the platform at midnight for the opening, I am sure all will be well.”

As the dignitaries left the room Sir James and Betsy hurriedly took out their yellow safety helmets and a halogen flashlight from the cupboard in the corner of the room and went out with the security chief.

Underneath the dome there was another world.  The service tunnel network carried all the services needed for a large structure. Water pipes, sewerage and waste disposal, telecommunications cables, electricity and gas supplies, plus a tunnel that led to the waters edge through which special guests could gain entrance by boat when there was difficulty with excess traffic on the roads.

All the service tunnels had been checked within ninety minutes of the call and they had all been given the all clear, nothing had been found, it was looking like a hoax call after all.  James Beak was feeling mightily relieved as last minute hitches were not the best thing in the world for his heart condition. This was going to be his last major project and he was looking forward to retirement. What better way to bow out than such a prestige event where he had nailed the biggest show in two thousand years of British history. He was feeling good about things again, it would not take long to get the Queen and The Prime Minister back into the royal box in time for the opening of the year long Millennium festivities.

The security team came out of the tunnel that led down to the river and reported that it too was all clear although there seemed to be a strange musty smell in the tunnel but they had been unable to ascertain the source.

“Betsy, we had better take a quick look down there just in case there is something that needs sorting out later.” Sir James said.

“OK James, let’s get on with it, we only have 45 minutes to go before the start, we need to hurry.” she replied.

They went through the double set of flood doors designed to ensure that if there was ever a tidal surge on The Thames it would not get into the network under the Dome.  As they walked towards the platform and the landing jetty at the far end of the tunnel the lighting overhead began flickering. They looked at each other and both noticed the sudden increase in the musty rotting fish-like smell. The lights increased in brightness before going out with a loud sputtering noise as if water had got into the cables.  They were in complete darkness, Sir James switched on the flashlight.

“There we are my dear,” he said,” nothing to worry about just a short in the circuit. That must be what the smell is all about, I have often smelt this in the past when old plug sockets develop shorts.”

Before she could say anything there was a loud rending noise in the tunnel wall just to the left of where they were standing.  Sir James aimed the flashlight beam at the wall and watched as small pieces of concrete began flaking off and then larger chunks began to fall to the floor, within five seconds an enormous hole had appeared over six feet high and three feet wide. the surface behind the tunnel wall was composed of old compacted river mud which was giving a much stronger odour of the same rotting fish smell. Betsy was already moving back along the tunnel towards the Dome but Sir James stood there transfixed by what had just happened. As he looked he noticed that the mud appeared to moving, there was a squelching noise and then a whole section of the mud fell away revealing what looked like the outline of a body. Suddenly the shape moved towards Sir James from the hole and he could make out what appeared to be a corpse covered in stinking rotting flesh, it’s face draped with a disgusting piece of cloth with a hole where the mouth would have been. Sir James felt his heartbeat increase significantly as fear took over his entire body and his adrenaline levels surged. His heart went into arrhythmic spasm. Betsy had turned and screamed as she saw the Revenant of Charlie Hendry in all his gory majesty standing in front of Sir James. Then a strange sound emanated from the horrible being.

“Beak, I said I would return and wreak my vengeance on you.”, Charlie Hendry said in a low pitched gurgling voice, ”  Now as you die I will dance the Hempen Jig once more only this time it will be out of pleasure at your passing.”

The figure began twitching and moving it’s legs and arms in the most alarming fashion, twisting its torso into the most abominable shapes and moving ever closer to Sir James as it did so. The last thing Sir James saw before his heart gave out was a large yellow and green eel emerging from the hole in the mask on the revenants face.  James Beak collapsed dead on the floor. The revenant turned and looked up the tunnel towards the quivering secretary. “You don’t be MY Betsy.”, it gurgled and with that he completely disappeared in front of her very eyes. The lights came back on and the tunnel wall was somehow repaired back to it’s pristine smoothness as before. The strong pungent fishy smell had also gone. Sir James Beak lay dead on the floor. Beside him, slithering along the floor towards the steps down to the water was a three feet long yellow and green eel with the brightest of bright blue eyes.

2169 words

Harry Rogers, Aberbanc, 14th November 2015


In full torchlight beam
I stare as clusters
Of grey green lichen
Cling to silver birch.
It thrives as wet gales
Cross Preseli Hills
From west Atlantic
Into Aberbanc.
Such tenacity
Inspires fortitude.
I now determine
To carry on with
All started projects
Until completion.
Lichen can survive
These harshest of days,
So now I must shine
My old torch elsewhere,
In dusty corners,
And forgotten drawers.
Empty canvasses
Desire fresh brush strokes,
Microphones carry
my amplified songs,
Journey not over,
I’ve so much to do,
Blank pages await,
Full beam of torchlight.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 3rd January 2023


Danced in Moon shadows,
Was always the now,
Random decisions,
Dictated the how.

Nothing was too planned,
Ruled high in their band.

Away with faeries,
They played all night long,
Lived their festival,
Their music so strong.

Never made money,
They rode on the storm,
Everyone wondered
How did they keep warm?

Joined up in struggle,
Kept them together,
New chords flowing free.

One day an offer,
Slapped on their table,
Million dollars,
Smashed up their fable.

Somehow thoughts of fame
And fortune went wrong,
Their band fell apart,
They played their last song.

Great while they lasted,
They lived out their dream,
Morphed into nightmare
By corporate scheme.

Had crept through their door,
Messed up their idyll,
They played nevermore.

The wealth and the riches
Had got in their way,
Forsaken their songs
Nobody did play.

And yet their spirit
Glimmered all along,
All of them still missed
Their favourite songs.
Got back together,
Where they did belong,
Forty years later,
Their feelings so strong,
They put behind them
The greed that went wrong,
They found their reason,
The sake of their songs.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 2nd January 2023.


Most right wing politicians, to their shame,
Look around for fresh scapegoats they can blame,
For all of their mistakes they’ll never name,
They treat peoples lives like a silly game.

All their fake promises that never came,
Media headlines that read the bloody same,
No traitor perpetrators in the frame,
Pile on more celebrities with fake fame.

Cowed opposition sounds so very tame,
Agree to make more weapons that will maim.
Use their laws to undermine each new claim,
Their smiles more poisonous than aspartame.

New Labour and Lib Dems both sound so lame,
Ain’t it time to light a different flame?

Harry Rogers, Edwinstowe, 23rd December 2022.


They wrote him out of history,
Threw his life away,
Shat upon his integrity,
Each and every day.

Fake liberals from radio,
TV, Guardian,
Rewrite twenty seventeen hope,
Distort leftwing plans.

Those thousands who packed out large halls
Clearly understand
Conference manifestos fall
Within traitors hands.

Two hundred thousand plus now gone,
Expelled or resigned,
They all sang democracy’s song,
Trashed and lost behind.

Oh “There is no alternative.*
Shouts from Starmer’s ghouls,
Regurgitate cold Blairite shit,
We’re taken for fools.

When next election rolls around
We will not forget,
How quick they tore union flags down,
Why should we forget?

‘Neath wheels of Labour Party bus,
Lie our hopes and dreams,
Watch Kinnock’s sprog as he tells us
Send Army scab teams.

No time to waste we must move on
From traitors that sneer,
No time to listen to fake songs,
Cowards flinch in fear.

Our Red Flag belongs not to them,
Besmirched memories,
Soon with their lies we will condemn,
Workers enemies.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 20th December 2022.


Bangers, jumping jacks, aerial bombshells,
Fire crackers, starbursts, sky rocket maroons.
Most human beings are fascinated
By loud celebratory explosions.

There is no getting past the oohs and ahhs,
Colourful bangs and thunder filled flashes,
We take children to thrill at the crashes,
New Year’s Eve, Bonfire night, party bashes.

In Preseli hills silence is broken
Hunters with shotguns shoot game for their pots,
Across Atlantic they shoot Ocelots,
Wherever they’re fired guns all sound the same.

Balaclava, The Somme, London’s East End,
Stalingrad, Fallujah, Hiroshima,
Ukraine, Syria, Palestine, Yemen,
Ordnance factories build weapons year round.

Atrocities happen over again
We close our eyes to harbingers of pain,
Stay silent as carriages roll through rain,
We pile high bodies, numbers are insane.

Talks break down, watch us start another war,
Another failure of diplomacy,
Clear another giant burial ground,
Compose another solemn requiem.

This year’s war, next year’s blockbuster movie,
Next generational PTSD,
Stiff upper lips never talking to me,
Medallions clink, shiny history.

Peel away thin civilisation skin
Reveal true barbarism, stark, within.
Whilst ever we reach for bombs and guns
Our species can’t claim to be civilised.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 10th December 2022


Jim, make my deep red mojo bag
Give me some hope tonight
Pour me some Florida Water
I’m going out tonight
I got High John The Conqueror
To take me into town
I’ve got old Toby’s gris-gris root
Ain’t never let me down

Mr Mojo Risin’
Make my mojo bag
Make it in the moonlight
My deep red mojo bag
The deepest red that he could find
Came from within his heart
A few drops of his blood he shed
To give me a good start
He stood outside the dark grey hut
Howled at the moon above
Invoked the dark gods of passion
To fill the bag with love

Mr Mojo Risin’
Made me my mojo bag
Made it in the moonlight
My deep red mojo bag

Going down town tonight
Going down town tonight
Aaaahooooo, Aaaahooooo
Going down town tonight

Harry Rogers: In the hut, Aberbanc, 2nd January 2017


A poem reposted from 2013

“Where do you come from?”
That’s the first thing strangers ask me,
I am never quite sure exactly what they mean,
Are they interested in where I was born?

Do they want to know where my parents were born?

Maybe it’s a question of where I have just been,
Or possibly they want to know what I’m thinking,
Perhaps I seem a little bit left field for them,
A bit too way out for their sensibilities.

Why do people always ask me
“Where do you come from?”

Why don’t they ever ask me
“Where are you going to?”

Where do I come from?
I’m a Welsh, German, Cornish, Jew.

I don’t have a clue,
Do You?

Harry Rogers, Pencnwcau, Aberbanc, April 2013.


London 2003

They’ve got us
Up against their wall
Up against their wall
Against their wall again

They want to
Try and shoot us down
Try and shoot us down
Shoot us down again

Every time
We will rise again
We will rise again
Rise back up again

Because you
Cannot kill ideas
Cannot kill ideas
Ideas never die

We know that
Our hope never dies
Our hope never dies
Hope will rise again

And we will
Always rise again
Always rise again
Rise back up again

Come see our
Red flag fly again
Red flag fly again
Fly on high again.

It’s time we
Came together now
Came together now
Together again

Let’s all rise
Under one banner
Under one banner
One banner again

Come fly those
Flags of unity
Flags of unity
Unity again

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 8th December 2022


Photo by Nel Jenkins

Silver sunset over Cardigan Bay,
Another still day across Irish sea.
Such beauty should overwhelm misery,
As Braverman steals human rights away.

With ghoulish gusto she wades into laws,
She sneers, slashes silk, lacerates vellum,
Revels whilst audaciously spitting venom,
Destroys asylum on Britain’s fair shores.

Panders to fascists, believes she is strong,
Stokes up Brexit fire, fans racism flames,
Ignores danger in prejudicial games,
Makes it quite clear, refugees don’t belong.

Red streaks fade from St George’s Channel sky,
As darkness descends let’s ask ourselves, WHY?

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 4th December 2022


Walk from New Cross Gate to Greenwich High Road,
Via Deptford Broadway, my mind explodes.
Dickensian days, cold November nights,
Nationalist thug bullies picking fights,
“Oo you lookin’ at? You want some? Come on!”
Decades old slogans, same ignorant songs.
Closed down shops have rolled down steel shutters,
Freebie newspapers blow along gutters,
So called journalists write stories reckless,
Describe new poor as lazy and feckless.
Near Marquis Of Granby girl begs again,
Hungry, pathetic, her eyes filled with pain,
Traffic relentless each twenty four hours,
Hope dies slowly, democracy cowers……

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 29th November 2022


Scene Red jam in Harriboy’s Hut on Monday 19th December 2022

Everyone knows
Everyone knows
Everyone knows
What’s going on!

Nobody says
Nobody says
Nobody says
What’s going on!

What can we do
What can we do
What can we do
To show we care?

Who can we tell
Who can we tell
Who can we tell
To show we care?

Where can we go
Where can we go
Where can we go
When things go wrong?

How can we sleep
How can we sleep
How can we sleep
When things go wrong?

A little girl asks
Have you got a pound
Have you got a pound
Have you got a pound
Got a pound for me?

I live in this tent
I live in this tent
I live in this tent
Have you got a pound?

Everyone knows
Everyone knows
Everyone knows
What’s going on!

Everyone’s scared
Everyone’s scared
Everyone’s scared
What’s going on?

What’s going on?
What’s going on?
What the fuck is going on?

Young girls in tents
Young girls in tents
Young girls in tents
What’s going on?

All the world
Walks right on by
Walks right on by
Walks right on by
What’s going on?

No-one looks in
The young girls’ eye
Walk right on by
Walk right on by
No time to cry
No time to try
No food to buy
Walk right on by.


Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 27th November 2022.


London Beggars by Gustav Doré

Even staid comedians call out loud
For people to gather out on the streets,
No coincidence as ramparts tumble,
Petty bourgois lifestyles come under threat,
Neo liberal Labourites throw flames
At socialism on inside and out,
Nurses, lecturers, rail workers, posties,
All designated enemies of state
By those who allow their cronies to feast
On pandemic profits stolen from us.
Integrity lies besmirched in bullshit,
Brand new Draconian laws in pipeline.
In New Cross young beggars populate streets,
End of democracy almost complete.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 27th November 2022.


A Short Story by Harry Rogers

I was sitting in the Cricketers Arms on Sunday evening after a long day selling my pictures on Bayswater Road.  It had been a good day, I had sold well over £400 worth of kitsch to Japanese and American tourists for cash and I had three hundred and ten pounds and two hundred and forty dollars in my pocket, all of it tax free.  After expenses I reckoned that two hundred and ninety quid of this was pure profit.  This was brilliant for a late autumn day’s trading in 1971 and I was feeling pleasantly contented as I started into my second pint of Courage Directors bitter.  

The main door to the pub opened and a head full of dark black curly hair and beard poked through the curtains and stared around the pub.  Catching sight of me sitting by the window in the back of the long bar Joey Peacock pushed through the curtain and strode towards me in a purposeful way. There were a few old guys sitting at the bar who looked up as Joey passed them and shook their heads in a resigned way.

“Bloody ‘ippies everywhere, they ought to bring back conscription, that’d sort them out.” One of them muttered and the other old reprobates nodded their agreement and turned back to their beer. 

Joey was a challenge to these old geezers who were born before the First World War in his bell-bottom jeans, blue shoes with silver stars on and three quarter length women’s brown fur coat with a large silver broach in the shape of fully rigged sailing boat on the left lapel and a fresh red carnation on the other.  He was the epitome of the South London counter culture and as such a complete anathema to everything those previous generations stood for.  To make matters worse he reeked of patchouli oil and had a permanent smile on his face just like Jerry Garcia.  The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers could easily have been modeled on him.  He sat down at my table and immediately pulled a ready rolled joint from inside the fur coat and lit up.  I was used to such behaviour from Joey, at that time he didn’t give a shit about where he was, he would smoke reefers anywhere and anytime and had no paranoia about getting busted at all and so far he had managed to avoid the long arm of the law.He took a couple of long slow tokes on the joint and passed it over to me.  I took it and drew the taste of mellow Afghani hashish into my lungs.  As I did so Joey asked me “What are you up to for the rest of the week man?”

“I’ve not got anything major planned” I replied “Why?”

“Fancy a trip to Amsterdam?”

“Yeah, as it happens, I do.”

“Have you got your passport up to date?”

“I always make sure of that Joe, you never know when you might need it.”

“Good.  We will be travelling with Ricky and Kelvin.  I’ve already booked the firms blue transit van onto the ferry from Dover to Ostend and up to four passengers travel free so you won’t need to pay a fare.”

He took the joint back from me and took another deep lug.  As he did so I said “ Kelvin? I thought he was in Bexley mental hospital having a breakdown?”

“Oh he is” said Joey, casually “but he volunteered himself in for treatment after his girlfriend left him for someone else.  He felt it was for the best as he was feeling suicidal.  He is free to leave at any time.  He keeps ringing people up and saying that he can’t carry on much longer but I reckon he just needs his mates to help him get past this downer. So this afternoon I went round his pad in Lewisham and picked up his passport and a few clothes and a couple of other bits and pieces such as his pipe and stash box.  In the morning we are going down to Bexley to snatch him out of the bin and we are taking him on a little holiday to help him get over it.”

“Does he know we’re coming?” I asked

“No but he has open visiting allowed so I reckon I’ll just bowl in there and tell him that the van is outside and we’re taking him out for the day, and he will come with us.  We won’t tell him we’re going abroad.  Once he is in the van we’ll get him stoned and then he’ll be with us until we get back.  We’ll just tell him it’s a mystery tour.  It’ll be fine.”

“Ok Joey, if you say so, I’m up for it, sounds like we’ll doing him a favour really.”

“Yeah” said Joey “he needs to sort himself out.  Of course he ain’t got any money so we’ll all have to club together a bit of spending wedge for him but it’s a good cause in my book.”

“What time are we off then?”

“I’ll pick you up around 10 o’clock in the morning.”

“Great stuff man, I love adventures.”

 “OK I’m off to see Ricky now to make sure he is still up for it, see you in the morning.” And with that he got up and left the pub, making sure he walked as close to those old contemptibles at the bar as possible so that they got a good whiff of the last remnants of the joint he was still smoking.  They just shook their heads as he floated past and carried on drinking.

I finished my pint and wandered out of there and across the road to the Greenwich Steakhouse for a mixed grill.  I knew Monday was going to be the start of a crazy week, I ate my dinner and went off to my flat in Greenwich Circus, watched Burt Lancaster and Judy Garland on ITV in the psychological thriller A Child in Waiting on my portable Black and white TV before rolling a bedtime joint and smoking it whilst listening to the Floyd playing Atom Heart Mother on my bedroom stereo as I drifted away for an early night.  I knew I was going to need it to set me up for the coming journey.

I awoke at 8.00am and switched on my Roberts transistor radio.  The news reader was talking about Japanese Emperor Hirohito setting off on an overseas tour, I changed channel to Radio 1 and they were playing “Hey Girl Don’t Bother Me” by The Tams.  I switched it off and got myself a bowl of cornflakes and rolled a joint with the last of my hash.  I got a small travelling bag together with my passport, a spare pair of purple loon pants, a few t shirts and a hand knitted Arran sweater, plus my super lightweight high tog goose down sleeping bag.  I finished the joint, took a bath and settled back to wait for Joey to call round.

As I sat in my antique leather armchair I started thinking about how Joey and I had met and what an absolutely crazy set of people he hung out with.  He was part of what can only be described as an anarcho hippy business consortium set up to capitalise on all things underground called The Deptford Dynasty.  They used a psychedelic font design of the capital letter D as their symbol and it appeared on everything, letterheads, cards, clothing labels, packaging, tee shirts, their shops, and was painted very large on the side of their vans, including the one we were about to go off to Amsterdam in which had the nickname “Big D”.  They ran a number of shops in South London selling a range of goods, including drug paraphernalia such as hookahs, bongs and soapstone chillums, cigarette papers, scales, stash boxes, incense holders, temple incense, joss sticks, underground records and books, clothing and footwear.  They also ran two cafes and small bar.  All of this had been financed by a successful smuggling operation in 1967 when they opened their first shop selling Afghan sheepskin and goatskin coats from Ghazni province, situated between Kabul and Kandahar.  These coats had a very pungent aroma when first bought from the local Afghani traders and Joey had used this smell to great effect when he drove a truckload of coats back from Kabul to England underneath which he had concealed 1000 lbs of top quality hashish. That works out at 16,000 ounces, at a street value of £40 per ounce that is £640,000.  Joey had sold the lot at £300 per pound, after costs of £50 per weight (lb) the net profit was a cool quarter of a million pounds which was a substantial sum in 1967.  The customs dogs never came near this stinking heap of rancid clothing and the customs officers had just waved him on when he came through Dover as they did not believe anyone would be so audacious, but this was Joey all over, a total risk taker beyond belief. This half ton of dope had given them the capital they needed to set up their Big D empire.  Before I had become a card carrying member of the Bayswater Road Artists Association I had trained as a plumber and met them when I was asked by a mutual friend to carry out a small emergency repair in the kitchen of their cafe in Greenwich.  I had immediate rapport with Joey and from then on we had become good friends.

They owned three adjacent shops in Deptford High Street, a clothes shop, a record shop and a cafe, and they had converted the basements into a giant communal living area by knocking through the walls and strengthening them with RSJs.  This led to it becoming the major partying venue for that part of London frequented by rock bands, hippies, junkies, writers, and groupies and it was just the most fabulous permanently midnight tripping space south of the Thames.  I was an outside observer of the mayhem, having never taken up the offer to join the consortium but I knew most of what went on and was often included in the inner sanctum when special events were taking place.  The whole set up was based on using capitalist processes to fund a totally hedonistic venture and, somehow, their in house accountant was keeping the whole show on the road, or so he said anyway.  They had expanded into mail order clothing and were selling thousands of pairs of leather loon pants via full page advertising in the rock music press and had many famous rock and roll stars on their client list.  Life was cushty for the Dynasty and they lived like there was no tomorrow.

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, the sound of Joey pumping on the horn in The Big D transit van outside my flat pulled me out of the armchair and I grabbed my bag and a brown leather bomber jacket and left the flat.

Ricky Roach leaned over and opened the van door for me, I swung myself up onto the bench seat and tossed my bag over into the back of the transit.  As I closed the door Ricky handed me a joint with a grin on his face,

“Alright Frenchie,” he said.

“Yeah, I’m fine man. I’m ready for the off.”

“Ok then, next stop Bexley” said Joey and we pulled out of Greenwich Circus, turned left past Greenwich Police Station along through Burney street and into Greenwich Park. Joey had been to New York earlier in the year and had come back with an in car cassette player and stereo speakers, a truly innovative revelation to me as I didn’t even know such things existed, and this was installed in Big D and as we pulled into the Park the opening notes of The Changeling by The Doors from their album LA Woman started blasting into the cab.  I looked across at the Royal Observatory, the blue sky above the Chestnut trees and late summer sun shining on the big red ball above the domed telescope and I felt really happy, of course it could have been the Citrali dope that Ricky had handed me, he always sourced the highest quality narcotics and this gear was no exception.  I settled back into a mellow reverie as Joey drove us across Blackheath on the way to Bexley Mental Hospital where the unsuspecting Kelvin awaited us.  “Don’t You Love Her Madly” played as we headed up Shooters Hill Road, and we all sang along as this seemed the perfect lyric for Kelvin. “Don’t you love her madly as she’s walking out the door.”

Twenty minutes later we pulled off the A2 and into Dartford Heath and very quickly we drove into the grounds of Bexley Hospital and parked outside the Victorian administration building.  Joey got out of Big D and said “You guys wait here, I’ll just go in and get Kelvin, this shouldn’t take too long.” And with that he breezed into the main entrance.

“So how’s it going then Ricky?” I asked

“Oh OK I suppose, I’m not making a lot of dosh these days and things are a bit slow in the building game.  Still I’m hoping this trip will sort me out a bit.” He said

“Are you still seeing that girl, Julia?”

“Oh yeah mate, it’s the real thing with us I think, we’re probably going to get married later this year.  Probably going to have to when her mum finds out I’ve got her up the duff.” he laughed

“You haven’t?”

“Oh yeah, she told me two weeks ago and I’m very happy about it, not that I particularly want to get married but she does and if we don’t her mother will go fucking ballistic.”

I laughed as he said this.  Julia was a beautiful eighteen year old from Catford and Ricky had met her six months earlier at a party in the basement in Deptford.  They had shared some Mandrax and had retired to his bed where they stayed in stoned out state of mandied bliss for a full seven days.  I have to admit I was not really surprised that she was pregnant as they were obviously loved up to bits and also both enjoyed being out of it most of the time.

Ricky had originally been part of the Dynasty but he had a penchant for betting on the horses and playing cards and had got himself into serious debt in 1970, so much so that Joey had to bale up by buying out his company shares for £20,000.  Ricky used £10k to pay off his debts and spent the next month slowly frittering the other ten grand away culminating in losing his last £1500 in a late night poker game in a Chinese gambling den in a basement just off Gerard Street in Soho.  These days he worked for Dynasty doing bits of building work for them and also he worked with a couple of old mates doing dry lining and plastering jobs.  He was also a very strong opponent of the Tories and had a habit of veering off into long political rants about Ted Heath and seeing as they had won an election in June 1970 he was likely to go off on one at any time, especially if he had been smoking a lot of dope, which was most of the time to be fair.  He had a flat over the top of the Dynasty shops in Deptford High Street and so spent a lot of his time partying in the basement and recently he had started to learn how to play the bass guitar and was often found jamming with any musicians that were hanging out there.  I guess you could say that he had effectively dropped out most of the time and was doing less and less actual work the more he got into his white Fender Precision bass.

We were contemplating rolling up another number when Joey and Kelvin came out of the doors and down the steps towards the van.  It had taken Joey precisely 15 minutes to find Kelvin and convince him that he needed a holiday. So we left Bexley and got back onto the A2 Dover Road.  Joey handed Kelvin his stash box and pipe and Ricky said “Hello mate, make us a good old Kelvin special pipeful eh and we can get this journey going properly.”

“OK but can someone tell me just exactly where we are going?” he asked

“You’ll find out when we get there, let’s just say it’s a special surprise just for you Kelvin, a kind of Magical Mystery Tour.” Said Joey and we all started laughing, Kelvin looked puzzled but he opened the stash box and was very pleased to find quarter of ounce of Nepalese Temple Ball hashish wrapped in tinfoil in the box along with his lighter and a packet of his favourite Drum tobacco. “OK geezers, if you say it’s going to fun, then I’ll come along for the ride I suppose.”, and he started building the pipe.

It didn’t take Joey long to drive down to Dover and they pulled into the ferry terminal at half past twelve.  Kelvin was pretty much spaced out by this time having not smoked any drugs for a fortnight and so he was out there, somewhere, but not far enough gone not to recognise where they were.  “Where are we going?” he implored, “On to a ferry?”

“Don’t panic Kelvin, you’re going to be ok, trust me.” Said Joey

Kelvin murmured “OK man, whatever you say.”

As we sat in the queue waiting to embark I looked at Kelvin and thought about his chaotic life up unto this point.  He was half gypsy and found it very hard to settle down to any form of straight existence.  As a child his parents had been travelers, living in a trailer van, following fairgrounds from town to town and his school life had been totally disorganised.  He had left home in 1961 after reading Kerouac’s On The Road, and had found his way to Soho where he had started hanging out with Fred The Carpet and all the other London beatniks who frequented The Duke Of Yorks pub in Rathbone Place and this was where his love affair with Mary Jane (marijuana) began.  He never went home again and spent the next five years drifting from one sofa to another in bedsit land.  He learnt to play guitar and wrote a lot of stoned poetry.  Eventually he met a red haired girl called Candy who was the spitting image of Elizabeth Siddal (Rossetti’s Pre Raphaelite muse).  They got married after a whirlwind courtship and moved into her studio on a plot of land next to the banks of the river Quaggy in Lewisham.  She was as fiery as the colour of her hair and Kelvin and her were always arguing, mainly about his failure to do anything about making money.  She was a moderately successful painter who was making waves in the modern art world, Kelvin spent his time trying to write poetry and starting novels but was mostly just too stoned to ever get it together properly and she became increasingly disenchanted with his indolence, until she eventually walked out on him and moved to New York.  He was devastated by this and, as is always the way, finally realised that he had messed up big time losing the love of life and he fell into a deep depression.  He had contemplated suicide but was too apathetic even to carry this out.  He felt utterly rung out and this was why he had entered Bexley as a voluntary patient on the suggestion of his GP who had written a letter for him recommending this course of action.  He had taken a couple of empty notebooks and a few pencils into the hospital with him and had started writing the outline for TV comedy series based on the activities of two lavatory attendants called Poe and Lavvy who looked after the Ladies and Gents on a busy railway station.  Not smoking dope was good for him and he had drafted out the plot-lines for a pilot episode and in fact he was well on the way to recovery from his mini breakdown when we had picked him up, although we didn’t know this until later.

Joey drove forward to the ferry terminal window and handed over the travel documents and our passports to the bored looking official behind the desk. He looked at the passports and eyed us suspiciously before stamping the tickets and issuing Joey with the embarkation cards. He handed the passports and paperwork back and said “Head towards lane 20 for the Ostend boat and wait to be guided on board from there. Have a nice trip.”

“Thanks man, we’ll try.” Said Joey

“Oh so we’re off to Belgium then?” asked Kelvin

“Yes, to start with” said Joey and the three of us looked at Kelvin and started laughing.

Joey slipped a cassette of The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers album into the player and we sat at the back of lane 20 listening to “Brown Sugar” as it filled the van with Keith Richards guitar and Mick Jagger singing “Brown Sugar, How come you taste so good” and we sang along with him.

After 25 minutes as The Stones launched into Bitch we were ushered up onto the gangplank and drove into the back of the RoRo ferry.  Joey parked where he was told and we got out of Big D and headed straight for the bar.  We bought a bottle of Cotes de Rhone and sat by the window staring at the lorries waiting to be loaded on.

Kelvin said, “I’m going to get a cup of tea, I’m off the alcohol at the moment.”

“OK” said Joey

Kelvin stood there looking a bit sheepish and then Joey said “Oh I’m sorry man, you aint got any bread have you.” And with that he pulled out a wad of notes and peeled of a couple of fivers and gave them to him saying “This will tide you over for a bit.” And he grinned.  Kelvin smiled for the first time since we lifted him and we all smiled back.

He went off to the cafeteria and we looked at each other “So far so good” I said

“Yeah I know it’s amazing what happens when you reach out the hand of friendship, most of the time people are ready to take it and will go along with the idea of love man.” Said Ricky and we nodded as sagely as three twenty five year old freaks could and picked up our wine glasses and drank  away and as we did so the boat pulled out of the harbour.

We drove off of the ferry four hours later and as we cleared customs the Stones were singing “Sister Morphine”, we pulled onto the A10 and headed towards Gent.  Joey knew this road very well as he had been trading in second hand clothes from the warehouses near the flea market in Amsterdam for a couple of years for his high quality speciality clothing business supplying TV and Film production companies. We sped past Gent and Antwerp and crossing the river headed into Holland, the traffic on the motorway to Amsterdam was very light and the sun was just beginning to set as we pulled into the city at 8.00pm European time.  Joey headed towards the city centre and pulled off the main road near to The Milky Way (Milkweg) at  the end of Lijnbaansgracht but there was nowhere to park and after driving around for about ten minutes Joey spotted a yard with only one car parked in it and so pulled in there for a smoke.

Kelvin was asleep and I shook him gently saying “Wake up Kelvin, we’re here and we need you to build a pipe.”

He sat up and slowly rubbed his eyes, “Where is here?” he asked.

“Welcome to Amsterdam” said Joey “Now build a pipe for us before we go exploring.”

“Fuck me, Amsterdam, I love Amsterdam.” said Kelvin and loaded up his pipe.

We had just started smoking it and Big D was choc a bloc with Afghani fug when there was a knock on the driver side window.  Joey turned down the tape player and opened the door to be confronted by a Dutch police officer in full uniform with a gun and everything.

“Who is the driver?” he asked

“That is me.” said Joey, getting out of Big D.  As he opened the door a cloud of dope smoke enveloped the cop.

“You cannot park here. It is illegal and you must pay a fine now.” he said after the smoke had cleared away a bit.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said Joey, calmly, “why is that?”

“This is a police station and you cannot park here.  You must pay a fine of 20 guilders.”

“I see, I didn’t realise, hang on, I’ll get some cash out of the van.”

He opened the door to be confronted by three quivering wrecks who were convinced we were all going to be arrested for drugs.  Joey calmly got his wallet out of his pack and pulled out a twenty Guilder note and handed it to the policeman.  He had written out a ticket in the meantime and handed it to Joey in exchange for the cash.

“There is a public car park just around the next corner, I suggest you park there.  Now please leave the police station and enjoy your visit to Amsterdam.”

Joey climbed back into Big D and we drove out of there very quickly.  The cop was smiling as we drove off.  We all felt very relieved and burst out laughing, it was like something from a Cheech and Chong album.  Joey parked in the car park and we tumbled out onto the side of a canal and looked at the reflection of the street lights in the water.

“God I’m hungry boys” said Ricky “Can we get something to eat and quick?”

Joey said he knew a Chinese restaurant nearby and we went there for a blowout.  Kelvin ordered more tea with his meal and we drank beers.  An hour later we were back on the canal side in jolly mood and Joey suggested we head for the Paradiso where we would probably hear some music.  After a short walk we were there and onstage was a Dutch band playing Pink Floyd style music, we paid a few guilders and went in.  We were immediately confronted with a guy selling hash. “You want to buy dope man.  I have good shit for a good price, come over here and try some.” We sat down at a table with him and he pulled a joint out of his shirt and lit up.  It was top quality pink Lebanese hash and he wanted 20 guilders for five grammes.  I liked it so I bought some.

We spent the next three days smoking drugs, drinking beer, watching bands, chatting up Dutch girls and talking with Kelvin about what he was going to do when he got back to London.  Slowly but surely his mood lightened and we could all tell that the black dog had left his side and that he was forgetting all about Candy.

On Thursday morning we were just about ready to leave for London when Ricky said “Hey boys, I’m going up the railway station for a bit, I’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

“The railway station? What the fuck for?” Kelvin asked

“I’ve got to report my stolen luggage to the station police.” He said

“But you aint got any luggage.” I said

“I know,” said Ricky, “it’s been stolen.”

With that he sauntered off towards Amsterdam Centraal station which was about half a mile away.

We sat it a cafe drinking coffee with two young Danish girls called Vibeke and Alana.  They were hitching a lift to Berlin and we said we would drop them off near the motorway.  They asked us whether we would like to smoke something with them and of course we said we would love to.  We left the cafe and piled into Big D.  Alana reached into her backpack and pulled out a small vial of white powder.  Vibeke was putting skins together to make a joint and Kelvin passed her a packet of drum and she loaded the tobacco into the papers, Alana sprinkled a small amount of powder into the joint and Vibeka rolled and licked it.

“What’s in the joint?” I asked

“Oh it’s just a bit of smack darling” said Vibeke

She lit the joint, took two tokes and passed it to me.  I had not smoked heroin before, I guess there is a first time for everything, I copied her and took two tokes as well and passed it on to Joey.  He took one toke on account of he was going to be driving soon and passed it on to Kelvin who took two hits and passed it on to Alana who finished it off with two more.  I settled back into the seat and looked out of the window at a beautiful clinker built botter moored on the opposite side of the canal.  Everything I looked at seemed somehow sharper, picked out in vivid relief and I had a feeling akin to being wrapped in the softest woolen safety blanket whilst at the same time I felt I could deal with anything with absolute clarity of thought.  This was dangerous for me because it felt too nice, so nice that I resolved then and there that I would never use Captain Jack ever again, and so it has been ever since that afternoon.  I can’t answer for the others but I could sense the danger for me as I knew that I would easily be won over by the delicious comfortableness of it and as I had already lost two close friends through the awfulness of junkydom I just knew it was too much of a risk for me.  We all sat there in a calm and chilled state and Joey put a cassette of John Lennon’s Imagine album on and we chilled out to it whilst we waited for Ricky to come back from the station.

As Lennon sang “And the World is so tough; Sometimes I feel I’ve had enough” in the penultimate track of the album Ricky opened the door to Big D to find a bunch of very subdued hippies lolling on the cushions at the back of the van.

“Look lively people and make me a joint, I’ve just had it right off.”

Kelvin opened his stash box and started putting three Rizlas together, I asked Ricky what he meant and he said,

“Well Frenchie it’s like this, I need a new Marshall bass stack to go with my new Fender Jazz bass guitar but I am short of wedge at the moment so this afternoon I have started an insurance claim on my stolen luggage.”

“But you didn’t have any luggage…..” I said

“Ahh you know that, I know that, we all know that but the station police don’t know that and they have just taken down a full statement verifying that I have had my large suitcase stolen on the station precinct whilst drinking a glass of old Geneva gin at the cafe bar there.”

“How does that work?” asked Kelvin

“Oh come on, get it together” said Joey, “Ricky insured a whole load of valuables before he set off, and now they have, unfortunately been nicked.” he laughed.

“Joey’s right,” Ricky said, “I went round all my mates and got them to give a load of receipts for some pretty valuable gear, I should get about a grand when I get back and put the claim in.  The assessors will check things out with the station police here and, ‘cos the Dutch old Bill are so efficient at bureaucracy they will have no option but to cough up.”

We all fell about laughing, Kelvin passed the newly rolled reefer to Ricky who lit up.

“It’s time we hit the road” said Joey and he started Big D.  We pulled out of the car park that had been our base for those three days of Hunter S Thompson style mayhem and headed for the Motorway.  We dropped the girls off at a service station, we gave them most of the dope we had left as we were wary about going through English customs carrying, and I gave them my phone number just in case they ever made it to London.  Of course we never heard from either of them again.

We got back to Ostende in four hours having had to stop for Kelvin to have another cup of tea and a final pipeful before we got on the ferry.  After an uneventful crossing we cleared Dover without any hassle and were back in Deptford by 10.00 pm sitting in the Oxford Arms eating cheese rolls and downing a pint each, except for Kelvin who had yet another sweet tea.

“Well Kelvin,” I asked, “are you going back into Bexley to carry on with the treatment?”

He looked at me and a beatific smile broke across his face as he replied “Nah Frenchie mate, I’m feeling a whole lot better, just like my old self again.” He looked around at all of us and said “You geezers are just the most far out friends any one could ever have, thanks for getting me back on the track, I won’t forget this.”

I looked over at Joey and he winked at me.

A month later Ricky duly got a cheque from the insurance company for one thousand and sixty five pounds and brought the amp and speaker cab that he needed for his band The Happy Acid Star Hoppers (The HASH).  Kelvin moved in with the wife of the manager of one of The Dynasty’s cafes and started writing a screenplay about fairies and dragons whilst eating lots of mushrooms.  Joey and the rest of the Deptford Dynasty carried on expanding their empire and spending money like it was going out of style.  I carried on selling my art on the railings for another eight years until Margaret Thatcher became prime minister, the exchange rates tightened up and the world on Bayswater Road changed forever.  I don’t know what happened to Big D but it was a great van and I wished I had it now.  I’m about ready for another trip to Amsterdam now that I’ve turned 75, where is my phone book……….. I must check those guys out again!

(Any resemblance to any events or anybody living or dead is entirely coincidental, know what I mean man!!)

5849 words

Harry Rogers, in the old study, Aberbanc 


They’ve come knocking at the door
Of the desperately poor
To bale out their rhetoric.
We have seen it all before,
All in it together eh?
Their slogans come round again,
Slogans put out by liars.
It’s time we pissed on their fires,
For pigeons to turn on cats,
Turn these robber barons out,
We want our health service back,
Our patient records kept safe
From privatising jackals.
Cap wealth of billionaires,
All power to the people,
These Tories have got to go,
Whether they’re Conservatives
Or Labour Party traitors.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 21st November 2022.


Written in 2012 my response to the Jimmy Saville revelations. In 2016 I recorded this with my friend Andrew in his home studio.

Here comes Jaki the ladette
With the ladders in her tights
She’s been out speeding
For one too many nights

In a mirror through the smoke
Her mascara’s gone streaky
But she don’t see the joke
Staring back so freaky

Tries to roll a cigarette
Can’t see what she’s making
Drops skins down the loo
Hands won’t stop shaking

Ooh Jaki Jaki Jaki
Jaki the ladette
Ooh Jaki Jaki Jaki
Jaki the ladette

Wobbling on stilettos
She staggers to the bar
Empties coins on the counter
Can’t tell what they are

Orders a vodka and red bull
She’s teetering on the edge
Her hair looks just like it’s
Been dragged through a hedge

But here is the strange thing
No matter how stoned she
She can’t stop remembering
Like an elephant never forgets

How that creepy disc jockey
The one with the monster cigar
Raped her in her fifteenth
In the back of his Rolls Royce

Ooh Jaki Jaki Jaki
Jaki the ladette
Ooh Jaki Jaki Jaki
Jaki the ladette

Copyright: Harry Rogers, in the old study


No wonder wild birds are scared of humans,
When we fill skies with drones, missiles and shells.
Research shows traumatic stress disorder
That lasts for decades where we create hell.
Once their habitats are violated
Birds steer well clear of two legged
Once bitten twice shy, inquisitiveness
Transforms into long term paranoia.
Where we’ve waged war it’s much harder to watch
Close up freedom displays of birds on wing,
Further we drive them away through battles
Harder becomes for us to hear them sing.
Why would any species coexist with us,
When all we do is throw them under bus?

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 13th November 2022.


All those dogs of war have puppies
Puppies who scrabble Earth’s garden
Dig without thought amongst poppies
Poppies whose beauty must harden.
Delicate yellow, pale from Wales,
Gentle protection from lightning,
Mystical Himalayan blue,
Imagine those dreams that come true,
Scarlet from Ypres, those that we keep,
To honour those dead whilst we all weep,
Papaver black for objectors,
Who bravely stood proud against war,
White linen for peace and justice,
All of these seeds scratched to surface,
By puppies born from dogs of war,
Who don’t know what we’re fighting for.

Harry Rogers, in the Red Bedroom, 12th November 2022.



Waiting for civilisation to start,
Beyond contradictions of human heart.
Watch each generation tramp off to war,
Stocked with new bullets, grenades and much more.
Anger and hate instilled deep from day one,
Arguments sorted through barrel of gun.
Stand with sad silent souls in Whitehall rain,
Know this will happen again and again.
Generals, royals, complicit MPs,
Dish out medals to live and dead heroes.
Rewards for inventing smart weaponry,
Pound signs followed on by untold zeros.
Our planet burns whilst we drop more bombs.
Civilisation? Will it ever come?

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 12th November 2022.


Cops stop car on M25,
Boot full of ropes and climbing gear,
This is how start of end begins,
Social media trawled each day,
Checks on thoughts behind what you say.
Protesters, strikers, greens, left wing,
Now “Enemies of the people.”
Brand new lies, analysis dies,
Gaslighters daily out scapegoats,
Channels carved for new Twitter trolls,
Spaceman shits in Pandora’s box,
Meta rhythms spar with TikToks,
Social now part of spectacle,
Propaganda receptacle.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 11th November 2022.


Red ripple peters out near to West Coast,
MAGA plants have failed, They’re now mostly toast.
No doubt spinners, busy writing reports,
Will claim that this one has been stolen too,
Spit feathers, throw more toys out of their pram,
But future’s not theirs, they don’t understand.
People see through fake alternative truth,
They know more lies won’t fix leaky roof
Donalds apostles run out of glory
Yet even now they won’t change their story.
Judges next on list of those under threat,
Hold all your horses, ain’t seen nothing yet,
Rats most dangerous when they are cornered,
Only sheer numbers will snuff out their rage.

Harry Rogers in the Yellow Room, Midnight, 10th November 2022.


In all red states AstroTurf has been laid,
Those MAGA zombies well and truly played,
Never so many drunk so much coolaid,
Spaced into joining Donald’s fake parade.
It’s a knife edge in many, many ways,
Gets hard to believe what media says,
Black painted white and a million greys,
Are these really democracy’s dog days?
In gun shops ammo is all but sold out,
Q Anon fakers strut proud as they spout,
If Jesus walked today he’d scream and shout
“You’ve got it wrong, that’s not what I’m about.”
He wanted love for all under the sun,
Freedom is not what you get from a gun.

Harry Rogers in Harriboy’s Hut 8th November 2022.


Life in illusory democracy,
Where minds are blown by falsification,
And crowds line streets for aristocracy,
Is hell for majority of nation.
Where criminals openly join police,
Sewage runs daily into our chalk streams,
Children are taught to pursue golden fleece,
And only knobs are free to pursue dreams.
Loan sharks and bankers win public plaudits,
Deemed more important than those who clean up,
Fraudsters ignore environment audits,
Cultural vultures strut as they preen up.
Out on our streets some march for election,
Whilst others call for blonde resurrection.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 3rd November 2022.

The Unbroken Ponies recorded this version of Conchy in Llanon, Ceredigion 2015.

He wore a black poppy and a white feather
Every single day with pride
He wore the black poppy and the white feather
Every day until he died
Nothing they did could make him change his mind
Wouldn’t do what they told him to
They locked him up and even beat him up
He still wouldn’t do as he was told
Kept his head high never let them see him cry
Wavered not even as he got old

Conchy was his name
Waging peace his game
Conchy was his name
Waging peace his game

Black poppies
For Conchies
Sixteen hundred
Long dead and gone

They set him to work on the ambulance train
Treating dying and wounded men
Sent him near the front for the whole of the war
Again and again and again
British and French and even German soldiers too
Patched up those he thought would survive
Collected creased photographs of loved ones on swings
From those who were no longer alive

Young girls on swings
From London or Berlin
Daughters, mums and wives
All now with ruined lives

White feathers
For Conchies
Sixteen hundred
Long dead and gone

Took Conchy for his name he was born to disobey
Never did what others told him to do
Refused to go and fight he would never kill a man
No matter whoever wanted him to
Envelopes were sent to him with white feathers in
For week after week after week
He kept them, every one, wore one in his lapel
Waited for somebody to speak

Conchy was his name
Waging peace his game
Conchy was his name
Waging peace his game

Wear a black poppy
For Conchy
Wear a white feather
For Conchy

Sixteen hundred like him
Long dead and gone
Remembered here
To live on and on

Harry Rogers, in the old study, Aberbanc, November 11th 2014


Shine as brightly as eye of any day,
Dance in sunshine and take our breath away.
Shimmer in tune with afternoon heatwave,
On waterfall beach outside smugglers cave.
Like Isadora blend in with flowers,
Improvised whirlwind of danger is ours,
Pull down barriers, outside on our streets,
No place for royals, no kings, nor elites.
From Paris to London, Moscow, Warsaw,
Zephyrs of love will blow strong evermore.
Sands of time shift, mirage of long lost past
Appears as we tread her footprints at last.
Isadora knew there are no blueprints,
Dance revolution, it’s time now methinks.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 2nd November 2022.