D T talks of whack jobs,
He cannot help himself,
Digs holes ever deeper,
Box of frogs grows larger,
Inside his coiffed up head,
He believes his own lies.

Somehow millions think
This mentally disturbed
Man is honourable.
They have lost all reason,
Seem ready to accept
New possibility
Of bloody civil war,
Stoked by narcissism.

Imitation alpha
Rides cart out on his course,
Slices balls into rough
Then claims a hole in one.
All his brood believe him
For he can do no wrong,
Above their rule of law
Believes that he is strong.
Blinded by arrogance,
Says first thing in his head,
It matters not to him
Who lives nor who is dead.

His MAGA warriors,
Ignore reality,
Legally armed to teeth,
Bullies, ready to act,
Beyond truth, beyond fact,
They’ll do what they are told,
Ready to shoot ’em up,
When D T tells them to.
Fear spread by boys that whoop,
How low will Donald stoop?

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 21st May 2023.