Don’t do the cheese sandwich, that’s what Ann said,
She’s totally bonkers, out of her head.
She’s no idea what it means to be poor,
How when prices rise income falls through floor.
Turn central heating to bare minimum,
Cut down toilet paper to wipe your bum.
Have you got problems when you pay your rent?
Don’t worry, move out and live in a tent.
Can’t afford holiday? Easy, don’t go.
We’ll all learn through Ann’s hard way, don’t you know?
Just cut your cloth to accord with your means,
Until that day when you can’t buy baked beans.
Watch Ann as she laughs, like Samuel Smiles,
Roll on that day we put Tories on trial.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 18th May, 2023.


Nat Cs Say Anything

Faceless financiers take us for rides,
Decade after decade gamble our lives.
Accountants help them to punish us all
As they play fast and loose with fiscal rules.
Westminster lawyers hand out faulty tools,
That take general public for complete fools.
Give with left hand then take away with right,
Mostly we give in without a fight,
Duped by fallacy of democracy,
Dished out by flakey aristocracy.
Class structure shows that we are The Many,
Yet we elect traitors, ten a penny.
They focus our minds on refugee boats,
Nat Cs say anything to win more votes.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 17th May 2023.