Search for point where aristocrats vanish,
There is a hopeful perspective somewhere.
We can draw conclusions in our own way
If we take time, look long and hard enough.
Everything we do benefits greatly
From investigation and reflection.
Surrounded by baubles, bishops and bunk,
Overwhelmed with fanfares and stately junk,
Weighed down with Crown affixed to royal bonce,
Trapped, unable to cast a look askance,
One can but wonder what he really feels,
Now that everyone curtseys and kneels.
His eyes watched whilst minions didst anoint,
Perhaps he’s seen his own vanishing point.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 6th May 2023.


One thought on “VANISHING POINT

  1. Naw, too much reflection, not good for Chuckie. If he was honest he’d sell the crown, baubles and all. Turn bhouse into cheap accommodation for the needy. He won’t do anything and the courtiers won’t let him change the parasitic regime that permeates the echelons of British society. Cheers Harry. Dd


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