The order of today
Is chaos without care,
Take a good look around,
There’s bodies everywhere.
Trot off around our world,
Spread bullets, bombs and fear,
Ramp up faux pageantry,
Crown a billionaire.
Roll out old golden coach
As horse guards bob along,
Affirm those empire days,
Sing out loud that tired song,
Nothing less anthemic,
Keep weakest below strong,
Westminster Abbey bells,
Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong.
I still recall last time,
In nineteen fifty three,
That jelly and blancmange,
Black and white TV screen,
Same old same old same old,
Banner flags on our streets,
Media orgasmic,
Plus Richard Dimbleby.
Back then we all had hope,
We’d not long won the war,
Parents beat those Nazis,
They knew what they’d fought for.
Seventy years later
Many are not too sure,
Prejudice is rampant,
They’ve locked that Brexit door.
This time round I’ll not watch
Arcane brainwash TV,
No pomp nor circumstance
Nor glitter will tempt me.
I’ll be onstage with band
At Picklesfest for free,
Dance in our own mudbath,
In twenty twenty three.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 5th May 2023

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