Before his crown is placed upon his head
His minions wasted no time at all
Mugs with his image wreathed in kingdom flags
Are handed out to all new kids at school,
Get them whilst they’re young, print subservience
Upon innocent tabula rasa.
Teach them how important it is to bow,
To curtsey, to scrape, to accept blue blood.
Never to question stolen enclosed land,
Become automata, die in their name,
Maintain royal privilege, play their game,
Swallow old customs hook, line, and sinker,
Don’t educate, stifle free thinkers,
Stir god into mix, insanely arcane.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 30th April 2023.


One thought on “INSANELY ARCANE

  1. Your words are apt. I find this fuck shop, so depressing, all this Pomp too pompous for 2023, instead of flags, our children should be given pitchforks. Get rid of the whole parasitic regime!!!!! Stay well Harry………….


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