In shadow behind Guillotine
Tumbrels began to roll.
Revolution on streets again
Flames warm cockles of soul.
Royal visit quickly cancelled,
Bordeaux is out of bounds,
On Twitter I watch videos
Revel in protest sounds.
Only one hundred miles away
From our parliament
People riot when leaders say
They’ll take away our rights.
Here we all knuckle down each day,
We never stand and fight.
En France they burn down their town halls
When times become too hard,
Whilst we agree to play by rules,
And sweep out Royal yards.
We slave whilst our billionaires
Kit out their super yachts.
Stolen money from private shares,
They keep the fucking lot.
New days will dawn,
They’re coming soon,
We’ll take away
Their silver spoons.
Vive la revolution
Vive la revolution,
Recherché, recherché,
Vive la revolution.

Harry Rogers in the Green Room, 24th March 2023.