BBC Tories torpedo themselves
Stop The Boats campaign rapidly sinks.
Question time panels obviously rigged,
Rotten chair flounders, interventions stink.

Freedom of expression footballer creed,
Black lives do matter when they take the knee,
Being impartial means freedom of speech,
End of pier shows washed up on cancel beach.

Morality matters for refugees,
It’s time to stand up to dog whistle tweets,
Footballers working hard to help us drive
Patriotic Alternative off streets.

Sunak, Braverman, Macron and Blunkett,
All tarred with same brush, fake vox pop junkies.

Harry Rogers In the Red Bedroom, 11th March 2023.


It’s a funny old game football, innit?
As a player Gary never sent off,
Never ever got a red card, never,
Some people have queered his pitch, he has NOW.

Unlike old club, Spurs, defence is solid,
Pundits and presenters hold strong backline,
There’s no Match Of The Day, no substitutes,
Political penalty shoot out sucks.

Where is V.A.R. when we need it most?
Clearly it’s a premeditated foul
Committed by an unqualified ref,
It’s handbags on BBC halfway line.

Whistle blows, Lineker United win
Morality Cup by a country mile.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 11th March 2023.