Celia Lang, Peace and Justice activist, RIP.

Taboo nights with Celia
And friends in Capel Iwan,
Nevermore will we spend time,
On fun so palsie wowsy.
Cardigan rock and roller,
A jiver through and through,
Energy legendary
In all things that she would do.
Bro Emlyn Peace and Justice,
CND and Amnesty,
On streets flew banners up high,
Wore her heart upon her sleeve.
At work she’d been a midwife
Her whole life filled up with care.
If you never had enough
You knew Celia would share.
Those times when Cee would phone me,
Heard that twinkle in her eyes,
She knew how to get her way,
Cee knew how to organise.
Now that she has gone away
Our glorious activist,
We’ll not forget what she did,
Our Celia shall be missed.

Aberbanc, 7th March 2023.

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