A dragon shaped cloud drifts slowly through cerulean skies

Large raindrops appear to fall as soft tears from it’s eyes

Blown on hot North African winds filled with blood red dust

Coating the hillsides with a dull carpet like desert rust

They say the water has turned crimson in the river Towy

Sounds of Gaza echo across the valley from Capel Dewi

Harry Rogers, in Harriboy’s Hut, 24/10/2015

2 thoughts on “DRAGON TEARS

  1. I like this poem a lot. The imagery of the dragon is very multi-layered, which is great. I looked up what it means symbolically, and was instantly drawn to the description of the power, change and spirituality part, but it has a dual nature and can also symbolize good luck fortune and spirituality.
    The dual nature of this symbolism can be seen if the poem is looked at from a certain lens. It reads like the dragon is descending on the world like its cloud like countenance here pictured, which makes me wonder what you meant by the work/. Which side of the dragon you saw or if you saw both because it is cloudy.

    Overall I really appreciate that you posted this, if you want let me know if I am way off base with my interpretation. I would be interested to know the intent behind the poem, I am very interested in dragons and like your choice of subject. Either way, excellent work here, and I really appreciated the opportunity to read this. Thank you.

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