Things would be so much calmer
If we never had Kier Starmer,
Nor those goons at Panorama,
Yup, life would be a Brahma.
But that ain’t gonna happen,
He’ll make a pledge, break a pledge,
Surround himself with liars,
Push good comrades off the edge,
Set light to socialist pyres.
Announce another relaunch,
Build new castles in blue sky,
Welcome back traitors who flaunt
Their facility to lie.
Trot out in desperation
From all our televisions
Shout loud across t’nation,
He’s got these five new missions.
Emboldened by online polls,
He dreams of future landslide,
His army of Twitter trolls,
Commit Corbyn homicide.
He’s no media charmer,
An idiot in armour,
Yeah, life would be a Brahma,
If we never had Kier Starmer!

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 27th February 2023.