Guillotines, Guns, & Gas
Donald, on his way back,
Injections not enough,
He needs to make things rough.
Death by all means he calls,
Line groups up against walls,
Film each one as they fall,
Fear will conquer us all.
Phone up DOA bugs,
Grass purveyors of drugs,
MAGA on fire again,
Donald’s back on his plane.
We’ve seen it all before,
During second world war,
Public executions,
Soon became commonplace.
Recall Edelweiss League,
Pirates and Navajos,
Hung by necks in a row,
Darkest days in Cologne.
This ogre with small hands
Sings on blood soaked bandstands,
Soon we’ll witness live pain,
Donald Trump’s back, again.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom
18th February 2023