Keep your head down, avoid all bright lights.
Don’t admit responsibility,
Ignore thousands of hearts upon walls,
Push away those years Before Covid,
When families were wholly normal.
Pump post pandemic propaganda,
Exude After Disruption credence,
Despite six hundred deaths every week,
Increases in hospital admissions,
A clapped out health service on it’s knees,
Despite all this continue to lie.
Stonewall all questions that might hurt you,
Continue to drag out enquiry,
De-prioritise reality,
Concentrate on deflection of truth,
Rise without trace to top of the tree.
Continually offer something
Undeliverable dressed as new.
Convince people that crumbs from tables
Will keep them well away from breadlines.
Keep scandal powder dry until just
Before next general election.
Resort to old war footing tactics,
Scare us totally fucking shitless.
Flood our lives with patriotism,
Manufacture more ammunition,
Rattle sabres louder every day.
Crown a new king to lead us all on,
What next? Aliens block internet?

Harry Rogers, In the melon sorbet room, 15th February 2023.