That day we heard what you said
Sounds fine and dandy
Your words echo in our heads
Sounds fine and dandy
People took you at your word
So fine and dandy
Vote for what we thought we heard
Sounds fine and dandy

Then we all saw what you did,
Not fine, nor dandy,
How in hell you kept that hid,
Not fine, nor dandy
You ask us to trust in you,
Not fine, not dandy
After that we can’t trust you,
Not fine, nor dandy.

We want our leaders
To walk it like they talk it
We need our leaders
To walk it like they talk it
Not like you just did
Threw your promises away,
We cannot trust you
To walk it like you talk it.

Pledge after pledge after pledge,
Thrown beneath your bus
You trashed your former comrades
Shat all over us
Denigrated picket lines
Not fine nor dandy
We’ll never, ever, trust you
Not fine, nor dandy.

It’s what you do
Not what you say
It’s what you did
Not what you said
We will never
Trust a traitor
Nor will ever
Vote for traitors.

Harry Rogers, In the melon sorbet room, Sunday 5th February 2023

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