Recession held back by
Post covid Christmas and
Small Qatar world cup boom,
Not increased production.

Fueled by credit card debt,
New live now pay later,
The worst is yet to come,
We ain’t seen nothing yet.

Hot braziers crackle,
Cold pickets warm their hands.
Sick Tory scabs cackle,
They never understand.

Mick calls out Keir Starmer
To come stand by his side,
Labour front bench drama
They sneak away and hide.

There’s no alternative
We hear the Centrist cry.
Look back through history
To see the reason why.

Didn’t support miners,
They took Thatchers blue pill,
Marketised services,
Their chaos with us still.

Health workers and teachers,
Rock solid together,
Rishi on his soap box,
Sells the twelfth of never.

One more snake oil salesman
Pounds English roads again,
Sends news clips from his phone,
Ignores truth, denies pain.

Desperate to be seen,
As if the same as us,
Framed, as Dorian Gray,
Self portraits Mar-V-Lus.

Happy clappy stooges
Cheer each new utterance
Growth, growth, growth, level up,
On heads of pins they dance.

It’s time we joined the dots,
Failures are connected,
New liberals still plot,
Profits are protected.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 20th January 2023.


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