Danced in Moon shadows,
Was always the now,
Random decisions,
Dictated the how.

Nothing was too planned,
Ruled high in their band.

Away with faeries,
They played all night long,
Lived their festival,
Their music so strong.

Never made money,
They rode on the storm,
Everyone wondered
How did they keep warm?

Joined up in struggle,
Kept them together,
New chords flowing free.

One day an offer,
Slapped on their table,
Million dollars,
Smashed up their fable.

Somehow thoughts of fame
And fortune went wrong,
Their band fell apart,
They played their last song.

Great while they lasted,
They lived out their dream,
Morphed into nightmare
By corporate scheme.

Had crept through their door,
Messed up their idyll,
They played nevermore.

The wealth and the riches
Had got in their way,
Forsaken their songs
Nobody did play.

And yet their spirit
Glimmered all along,
All of them still missed
Their favourite songs.
Got back together,
Where they did belong,
Forty years later,
Their feelings so strong,
They put behind them
The greed that went wrong,
They found their reason,
The sake of their songs.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 2nd January 2023.


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