They wrote him out of history,
Threw his life away,
Shat upon his integrity,
Each and every day.

Fake liberals from radio,
TV, Guardian,
Rewrite twenty seventeen hope,
Distort leftwing plans.

Those thousands who packed out large halls
Clearly understand
Conference manifestos fall
Within traitors hands.

Two hundred thousand plus now gone,
Expelled or resigned,
They all sang democracy’s song,
Trashed and lost behind.

Oh “There is no alternative.*
Shouts from Starmer’s ghouls,
Regurgitate cold Blairite shit,
We’re taken for fools.

When next election rolls around
We will not forget,
How quick they tore union flags down,
Why should we forget?

‘Neath wheels of Labour Party bus,
Lie our hopes and dreams,
Watch Kinnock’s sprog as he tells us
Send Army scab teams.

No time to waste we must move on
From traitors that sneer,
No time to listen to fake songs,
Cowards flinch in fear.

Our Red Flag belongs not to them,
Besmirched memories,
Soon with their lies we will condemn,
Workers enemies.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 20th December 2022.


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