Phones can blow your mind, Phones can make things worse.
Phones can be unkind, Phones for metaverse.
Phones bring new Twitter, Phones are not secure.
Phones make life shitter, Phones Elon manure.
Phones will destroy time, Phones will listen in.
Phones weapons for crime, Phones turn ears to tin.
Phones, ubiquitous, Phones now rule our lives,
Phones will ruin us, Phones are our archives.
Phones when we wake up, Phones next to our beds.
Phones bring each shakeup, Phones fuck with our heads.
Phones give fake pleasure, Phones keep small folk small.
Phones are false treasure, Phones control us all.
Phones can send us blind, Phones? Algorithms.
Phones aren’t what we find, Phones, modern prisons.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 31st October 2022