He strides back into shite filled back bench bog,
Where his cabal of hyenas reside,
This laughable upstairs downstairs throwback,
Mister ridiculous Jacob Rees-Mogg.
He’ll skulk in corners with Nadine Dories,
Where they’ll suck their teeth as they plot and scheme.
They’ll do all they can to lay rocks in roads
As they flog that dead horse that is Boris.
This Eton bred skunk, bringer of Brexit,
Over top hat and under hand practice
Treats all around him as lesser beings,
His is sweetest of all these new exits.
Now his star has fallen, he’s out to grass,
Rishi has kicked him straight out, on his arse.

Harry Rogers in the Yellow Room 25th October 2022

One thought on “BACK TO HIS BOG

  1. Wonderful news, this mutant can now go play Jeeves somewhere else. Amazing what civilization brings us, and what people think they should be in the order of things. I heard that mogg is also religious.


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