Hokey Kokey Johnson has gone again,
He has slunk off back to cocktail beach bar.
To misread signs in Liz Trusses entrails
So badly demonstrates total lost plot.
Disruptive days now over, tide has turned,
Assets can become liabilities
In less than an iceberg lettuce shelflife.
All his cabinet stooges now scramble
For a position under new regime
In exchange for solidarity vows.
Headlines will shriek of “Start Of Something New.”
Welcome to start of austerity two.
In bamboo Shangri La paradise bar
Boris licks his wounds, as some shout “hurrah”.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 24th October 2022.



We must have a General Election.
Keith and his TINA brigades demand.
A new reset general election
With blue sky centrists in rampant command.
I lie, smashed up beneath pink campaign bus,
Alongside Palestine, Corbyn, and truth,
Thrown there by party machine animus,
Who act without rhyme, reason or proof.
We, who are hated for being leftwing,
Are still expected to get out and vote.
Somehow it’s become quite the broad church thing,
Deny debate, stab strikers in their throat.
Ghastly spectacle grows ever greater,
General Election? See you later.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom 24th October 2022.