My poem about Operation Julie mixed in The Red Bedroom October 8th 2022

Froggy and Moley woke up one morning,
They went walking through Llandewi Brefi,
There were no hippy friends giving warnings,
That their breakfast drink might turn out heavy,

They watched the spider crawl from the drainpipe,
He weaved the strangest web they ever saw,
Rainbow shaped, it hung against bright blue sky,
Whilst Julie knocked loud on back wooden door.

They spied the water come from kitchen sink,
The sun warmed their blood, as police cars came
Both of them thirsty, stooped and took a drink,
They did not know they’d never be the same

Froggy and Moley
Never be the same
Froggy and Moley
Never be the same

As old bill finished their search of the house,
Moving rainbows appeared, in all of their eyes,
Every human, cat, dog, insect or mouse,
Froggy or Moley, tripped, none to the wise.

Lysergic crystals permeated all,
Quietly opening perception doors.
Operation Julie began the fall
Of hippiedom to repression led laws.

Froggy and Moley?
They ended up dead.
Cut into pieces,
On dissection bed.

Froggy and Moley
Were never the same,
Froggy and Moley?
Just pawns in the game.

Chappletown, April 2017.