Welcome to the group.
Thanks, good to be here.
What can I tell you?
Where are we going?
That’s a good question.
Who’s our enemy?
You are right to ask.
Are we all comrades?
Are toys still in pram?
What is unity?
It’s the holy grail.
What’s the correct line?
We’re working on it.
Are we nearly there?
It’s a long old road.
Does anyone care?
We will soon find out.
What shall we do next?
Let’s set up a march.
Will anyone come?
They have done before.
Did people listen?
We don’t bloody know.
What’s our solution?
Stop asking questions.
But I need to know.
Oh you do, do you?
It would be helpful.
Are you C.I.A.?
I’ll get my coat now.
That’s a good idea.
When’s the next meeting?
We’ll let you know, bye.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 16th September 2022


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