LOTO, on bended knee, tugs lacquered forelock,
Prohibits PLP from utterance
Of any words about any subject
Other than in deference to dead queen.
Anti monarchism completely banned .
No calls for a socialist republic,
Only fawning lost era platitudes.
Never mind respect for arcane system
That exists because of historic theft,
Plunder,and murder, instilled by state fear.
What about respect for public servants,
Who need immediate support and help?
Six billion pounds for a funeral?
Six billion more for coronation?
Labour grovel to divine right of king,
Pander to ancient aristocracy
Whilst we struggle as health service breaks down,
And media give platform to bent clowns.
I won’t take flowers to St James’s Park,
Nor vote for liars who hide in the dark.
So let’s repeal all land enclosure Acts,
Sell off all royal trains and boats and planes,
Sack fake journalists from our BBC,
Bring on an end to their sycophancy.
Let’s start to debate new democracy.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 14th September 2022


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