A BBC announcer quotes
From his Mail On Sunday,
From HIS Mail On Sunday,
Not THE Mail On Sunday.
No more hidden in plain view,
Emboldened now they reveal
True colours as they bask in
Crass funereal half-light.
No more objective pretence,
Nor both sides of the argument,
Nor repressive tolerance,
Just naked propaganda.
Young children pile flowers high
Outside royal palaces,
Mass indoctrination stunts,
Wrapped up in fake pageantry.
Feathers, tabards, gartered tights,
Uniforms, lanyards, medals,
Meticulously gilded,
Horse drawn carriages rolled out,
Multiple gun salutes boom,
Ridiculously fielded.
All football matches cancelled,
Yet the Test Match carries on,
Enough Is Enough sidelined,
Labour sings the same old song,
Unions recall pickets,
Workers left in lurch again.
Myrie says cost of living,
Not important anymore,
Elizabeth’s death far more
Significant for us all.
It’s truly cataclysmic,
All this enforced mournful pain,
To all intent and purpose
Media has gone insane.
Cort├Ęge moves to Hollyrood,
Watch brothers reunited,
Charles speaks soft of his mama,
Creates brand new Prince of Wales.
I will say one thing, despite
Yet more flashing in the pan,
I’ll not sing God Save The King,
For I’m still republican.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 11th September 2022.