At last, removal vans driven away
From soiled nest. Chalices, brimmed with poison,
Await new occupant on mantle piece.
And yet, are we sure nightmare is ended?
How broken is that Bo-Jo yo-yo string?
Will he come back to walk his dog again?
New media rumours of coups persist,
Boys Own comic hero fuels dead embers,
With his multi ifs and buts and maybes,
Desperate Hasta la vista, baby.
Twists and turns, as an eel on a barbed hook,
Mired in slime, coiled tight around fishing line,
But soon floodgates burst due to pent up truth.
Inexact terms swept away as blue boy
Revealed as the sociopath he is.
His false dawn broken now Brexit is done,
Clear cerulean sky permanently
Obscured by darkest clouds of depression,
Final TV speech reveals his mettle,
All he offers us? A fucking kettle.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 4th September 2022