Mice dance around May poll whilst cat’s away.
Multi coloured ribbons flutter in breeze,
Tangled inexplicably as they play
Games with democracy stuck on its knees.
Cat loses track of lives in Gujarat,
Garlanded he strikes billion pound deal,
Eases visa rules, such a clever cat.
Gambols fast and loose. How does Kashmir feel?
Lives vanish, is it seven, eight or nine?
Embrace another bloody autocrat,
Drink deep of diplomatic casks of wine,
Lives run out for this most reckless of cats.
No silver spoon helps him in New Delhi,
Cheshire like fades as mice invade telly.

Harry Rogers, in The Red Bedroom, April 21st 2022.


One thousand bumptious, roller coaster, days
In the Westminster fun palace theme park.
Milestones lie scattered across all benches
Where terminology has never been
Quite so inexact as it is today.
Gates are left open for party goers
To gaily wander through willy nilly,
Laughing smirkily at legality,
All the while spewing fake apologies
For taking electorate for granted.
Only when polling stations close in May
Will the circus select new ringmaster.
We’ll bid farewell to this classical clown,
As his short lived reign comes tumbling down.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, April 19th 2022.


I’m a gettin’ scared
Of Armageddon
I’m a gettin’ scared
Of Armageddon
Can’t watch anymore
Stark pictures of war
I’m a gettin’ scared
Of Armageddon

Tell you what I did
I got off the grid
Tell you what I did
I got off the grid
I won’t pay their bills
I won’t pay their bills
Tell you what I did
I got off the grid

Get off of the grid
Don’t pay what they bid
Get off of the grid
Don’t pay what they bid
Set up solar farms
Let’s use our own arms
Get off of the grid
Don’t pay what they bid.

It’s time to rise up
It’s time to rise up
It’s time to rise up
It’s time to rise up
Get off of the grid
Get off of the grid
Hit them where it hurts
Let’s get off the grid.

Harry Rogers, Hastings, April 6th 2022.


When did morality go up in flames?
How did desperate liars seize power?
Did you hear the town hall clock strike thirteen?
What can be done about such lunar tricks,
Played constantly on our weak, damaged, minds?
Slogans writ large across red tour buses,
Lapped up by poor austerity victims,
Trashed by the reality of brexit.
Instead of health services delivered,
Shining brightly, in new Jerusalem,
Find crumpled expectations blown away,
Cast to winds in preparation for sale
To rabid yankee scum tax evaders.
Pandemic rages but our eyes avert,
Past daily dose of military porn,
Towards flash Gov dot com advertisements,
For new multi billion pound process.
Send asylum seeking single young men
To camp Rwanda for resettlement.
Grant one way tickets to oblivion,
All for the sake of taking back control.
Anybody who protests too loudly
Portrayed as enemies of the people.
Whither guardians of media truth?
Have all bastions of legality
Been overwhelmed by coked up uber spads?
We now live in universe beyond sleaze,
Beyond greed, beyond even perfidy.
Westminster become Pandemonium,
Capital of sociopath reigned hell,
Ever more desperate to hang onto
Their increasingly sick power bases.
Daily mainstream media flood airways
With militaristic jingoism,
War films or nature documentaries,
The news, game shows, quizes, soap operas,
Everywhere one looks it becomes clear,
World Wars One and Two have never ended.
Soon Brexit bunting will limply flutter
Over crass blitz spirited street parties.
It is very hard to gage numbers of
People able to concentrate enough
As we move further into penury.
Tell me again how we got to this place?
How brilliant to sell off Channel Four,
Close down all those who hold executive
To account. War is love, and greed is good.
When is the next general election?

Harry Rogers, in the Yellow Room, April 15th 2022.


Gushily mouthing obscene expletives
That demonstrate a complete lack of soul
Our home secretary defies logic.
Spends time on emisseration projects
Designed to assuage her back bench ghouls.
Her latest frustrated apology
When questioned about visas for refugees
Fleeing war attrocities in Ukraine,
Generates more questions than it answers.
Doesn’t she know what a refugee is?
These people whose whole lives are now destroyed,
Need shelter, sustenance and instant love.
Surely visas can be issued home here?
What kind of country are we living in?

Harry Rogers, in The Yellow Room, April 8th 2022


Our lives, governed by twin parentheses
Which run side by side and drive us all mad,
Are attacked daily by propaganda.
Truth lies inconveniently hidden
Behind shaky Chinese walls, constructed
To ensure that people never find out
What, exactly, actually happened.
Technology, too sophisticated
To understand, bamboozles most of us
Into acceptance of daily hubris,
Pumped out continuously on platforms
Owned or controlled by power obsessives.
Our minds, twisted through pandemic and war,
Are moulded as putty by demagogues.

And now we cannot pay our heating bills….

Harry Rogers, In The Yellow Room, April 5th, 2022.


I was born in 1947
A full two years after second world war
Ended in victory against Nazis.
For every year of my long long life
There’s been war waged somewhere on this planet,
Families destroyed, houses blown to bits,
But what lies behind this ongoing shite?
Why do politicians from every
“Free democracy” rock up at arms fairs?
Dead keen to enable Arms companies
To maximise sales of deadly weapons?
It’s because war is very lucrative,
The sheer volume of taxpayers money
Directly transferred into shareholders
Bank accounts annually is mind-blowing.
This legal money laundering machine
Maintains a murderous global elite,
Who thrive on misery, death, destruction,
Sickness, paranoia, fear and power.
Nothing more or less than a mafia
Sustained by democratic illusion.
Factories employ millions in the
Production of mass destruction weapons
On every continent across the world.
This sociopathic scam masquerades
As necessary to keep us secure.
In reality it’s gangsterism
And we are being robbed of better lives.

Harry Rogers, In the Red Bedroom April 1st 2022.