Forget about austerity
Imposed for fourteen years
Forget about the pandemic
We’ve got some brand new fears,
We’ll occupy your minds all day
With thoughts of something new
Forget corruption by our state,
Adopt yellow and blue.
Kwasi, in our name, says we’ll all
In solidarity,
Stand alongside Ukrainians
And accept poverty.
Once more the Eton way comes clear,
Build castles out of sand,
Recent troubles all disappear
In each new sleight of hand.
We’ll never find pea neath their cup,
Hands move too fast for that,
Instead our minds are all fucked up,
Extend precariat.
Use any means that we can find,
To maintain status quo,
Awake folk devils deep in minds,
Each BBC News show.
One thing we might learn from the streets
Of Russia and Ukraine,
United people can defeat
The oligarchs of pain.

Harry Rogers in the red bedroom, 10th February 2022


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