Who’s got the guns?
Who gets the guns?
Whither these guns?
When it’s over?
If it’s over?
Bullets brand new,
What shall we do?
Like Libya,
Or Syria,
Or in Yemen?
Once guns are in
Who gets them out?
Who knows who’s got?
Who knows who’s not
Armed to the teeth
When it’s over?
If it’s over,
Ever over,
Is it over?
Who’s in clover?
Who made the guns?
Who sold the guns?
Fills the bullet?
Trigger? Pull it,
Orders given
By whom? Who Knows?
For what? Who knows?
Once war’s begun
Who’ll smash up guns?
Once they’re out there
Someone will use them.
Years after years
Who cries the tears?
Who wants new guns?
New fathers? New sons?
Come now, let’s run,
Smash up the guns.
Answers not guns,
Futures not guns.

Harry Rogers, in the Red Bedroom, 9th February 2022.