Extreme Centrists

Wait for eternity and never hear
Eloquent argument for speaking truth.
Well, not from Labour leadership members,
Their abject silence on Assange destroys
Common socialist credibility,
But then, with so many extreme centrists
Complicicit in American war crimes,
How can we expect anything better?
They will never condemn Blair, Brown or Straw
For their murderous criminality.
This then explains why they are prepared to
Throw Julian under their clapped out bus
By adopting a total silence vow
On the day British justice soiled it’s pants.

Harry Rogers, In The Yellow Room, 11th December 2021.


One thought on “WHERE STANDS TRUTH?

  1. The illusion of British justice was never close to reality, but was believable as I grew up in the fifties and sixties in the afterglow of my nations heroic and ultimately succesful stand against the Nazis. I gradually realised it wasn’t just us. Then I realised it wasn’t just us and the USA. Then I realised that although this was probably finest hour hour, rewarded with the NHS, we actually had quite a lot to answer for.


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