The Laws, diminished by depravity,
Introduced by indifferent MPs,
Who care not for elderly sick and poor,
Even though they’ll have their photo taken
In hospitals, care homes, and hospices
As displayed humanity signalling,
Are designed to push us ever onwards
Down the road to accepting anything.
So now people over seventy five
Are to be de-prioritised, moved down
The list of societal importance
Because the NHS is in crisis.
This NHS, that we older folk paid
National Insurance contributions
For decades in the belief that it would
At least look after us in our dotage,
Is now being slaughtered on the alter
Of capitalism. Artificial
Smiles at bedsides with shirt sleeves rolled, ties tucked,
Badges displayed, comfort me not one jot.
Propaganda designed to set youngster
Against old, places all blame anywhere
Except where it belongs, Parliament.
Where lies modern scrutiny in these times?

Harry Rogers, In The Red Bedroom, 6th December 2021.

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