See ancient briar creep around spring field,
It might prick you and it might make you bleed,
But if you wait, let it grow tall and strong,
Then it will please you, fill another need,
Help it grow up sunny side of your house,
Tangle through branches of copper beech hedge
Let it wander where it’s wild way will go,
You’re gonna love it when it makes it’s show.

When red roses bloom
When red roses bloom
That’s when I’m happy
When red roses bloom

I watch plump honey bees fly to and fro
Picking up pollen, always on the go
One time one might sting you, might cause you pain,
But they’ll ignore you, keep out of their way,
With any luck they’ll come to your roses,
Somehow these mighty workers know the score,
For month after month follow their noses,
They make royal jelly using natures law.

When sweet honey comes
When sweet honey comes
That’s when I’m happy
When sweet honey comes

Outside is gloomy, skies are darkly grey,
Winter days icy cold, thick grass sodden,
Gales do blow, trees shed their leaves, branches creak,
Daylight fades early, only robins cheep,
Cold winds no longer roar across green hills,
Stair rods rain no more, leaves grow back on trees,
Sunshine beats down, oh how new grass does grow,
But how fresh smell of mowing cheers me so.

When summer sun comes
When summer sun comes
That’s when I’m happy
When summer sun comes.

Harry Rogers, In the Yellow Room, 10th November 2021


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