Turn the party inside out
Flush those lefties down the drain,
This is what they’re all about,
Bring back Tony Blair again.
Nevermind illegal war,
Dubya pacts and cluster bombs,
This is what they’re really for,
Rebuild New Labour fiefdoms.
Let the housing market rip,
Wrap up warm in union jacks,
Occupy ground from UKIP,
Sell their soul to right wing hacks.
There is no alternative,
Once more party battle cry,
Mandelson and Kinnock live,
No red clouds in clear blue sky.
Throw the unions to the dogs,
Wear business suits, shoot a cuff,
Write in Sun, on Tory blogs,
Spin Ayn Rand like Call My Bluff.
Outside I deplore these ghouls,
Who tricked us with PFIs,
Again wouldst take us for fools,
Watch out for fake alibis.
On the left we’re mourning still
The Corbyn interruption,
I’ll not be back, had my fill
Of careerist corruption.

Harry Rogers, Edwinstowe, 7th August 2021.


  1. Brilliant Harry.

    I attach an email I get from Labour Grass Routes, who organise lots of on-line discussions and a bit of comedy, including a lovely event with JC to celebrate his birthday on his birthday. You may already know about them (you don’t have to be a member of the LP to join in). Their next ‘show’ is tomorrow. I was wondering if you would be interested in sending them this poem? It’s exactly what the theme for the meeting is.

    Keep safe and love to you and Jenny.

    Pete and Sheila xx

    Sheila Gray & Pete Widlinski Low Gill Cottage Rosedale East YO18 8RL 01751 417 539 07419 375 807 Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Black Lives Matter UK


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