More and more people work from home, this is a lyric for post covid Zoomers who’ve been lucky enough to find the escape map.

Welcome to Zoomville On Sea,
Goodbye sardine train commute,
Home office overlooks beach,
New garden is full of fruit,
Car in garage, seldom used,
Away from big smoke air is clean,
Even the kids are amused,
Happier than ever been,
We’re happy here
Zoomville On Sea
So happy here
Zoomville On Sea
Goodbye to old office stress,
Farewell politics of hate,
No more dressing to impress,
Impossible to be late,
We’ve both got a comfy chair,
With views beside the windows,
New lives, with time to care,
To see which way the wind blows.
Zoomville On Sea
We’re happy here
Zoomville On sea
So happy here.
Zoomville On Sea,
You here by me,
It’s a new life,
Could be for life,
Next to the beach.
Zoomville On Sea.

Harry Rogers, in The Yellow Room, 22nd July 2021.


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