My friend, George, said that Johnson and Patel et al are just not up to the job following the latest twin fiascos re racism and masks,tossers.
I respond as follows:-
What is the job as they see it? These Tories wheel out confidence tricksters such as Schapps to smooth over cracks with silver tongued apologies on breakfast Radio Four etc. It’s the nasty underbelly of our society that has never unpicked white chauvinism, even by non white Tories. It’s like even though we no longer have an empire we are still consumed by imperialist mores, a kind of long imperialism that is not properly understood by many. It’s heartwarming to see footballers, black and white together, taking on deep seated prejudice directly and consistently, calling out the bullies in the full glare of public scrutiny. Such bravery is rare but this feels like a turning point, bullies hate confrontation, but confront them we must. It’s time to paint racists into an ever decreasing corner and I admire the England football squad for their stand. Football isn’t coming home, it never went away, those sick fucks in the white supremacist parties who have invaded the terraces since the 1960s have to be called out, as must their fellow travellers in the Conservative party, who are, indeed, tossers.

Harry Rogers, In The Yellow Room, 14th July 2021.