On the road to Harrifest
To catch up with all my friends
In nineteen ninety seven
When I was fifty years old
When Bill Fleming met Bob Fish,
A musical path was lit
Beneath red barn we gathered,
For more than twenty one years

At Harrifest
Where songs ran free
In the wild West
Our songs ran free
Times were the best
The beer ran free
At Harrifest
Where we ran free

Barbecues and veg curries,
Manicured garden camp site,
Poets, bands, some jugglers too,
From far and wide all did come,
Dave Sutherland missed not one,
By jingo did we have some fun,
We rocked out through setting sun,
Everyone loved everyone.

Our Harrifest
Best in the West.
How much we do remember.

Harry Rogers In The Yellow Room, 3rd July 2021.


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