The New Normal will likely be a permanent Precariat.
The Capitalist Realism practiced by neo liberal governments and the Covid 19 pandemic are in a real sense a perfect storm for all of us.
Blairism and the stalinisation of the Public Sector left us closer to total privatisation of the NHS. That open door has allowed a section amongst Tory polititions to actively move further towards the American approach to health care over the last ten years and more.
Education, Education, Education, the slogan of Blairism has led to the implementation of a regime within Higher Education that has led to a complete and ridiculous shackling of Academia into a maelstrom of performance indicators and monitoring which in turn is now in total chaos due to Covid 19. Blairism signalled the end of opposition to capitalist exploitation. Despite the blip that was Corbynism, the Stalinist Blairites have never relinquished control of the structure of the Labour Party, and the mainstream media have conspired with this clique to bring about the destruction of the integrity of the left through the use of blatent lies.

Why do people not care about corruption? Or perhaps they do care but realise that there ain’t anything they can do about it once it becomes so all pervasive.

At this juncture we have a Government composed of the very worst political criminals who have exploited the biggest health crisis in a hundred years for personal gain. The corruption that comes from a complete disregard for tendering proceedures for procurement contracts is utterly outrageous.

Why is there a basic acceptance that politicians and senior managers in public services and state run businesses are on the take? Such fatalism comes in part from a catastrophic failure of mainstream journalism.

That corruption is now the status quo is a given amongst vast swathes of the public. There is no longer a culture of integrity, no expectation of honesty, in those who control our lives. Politics has become a term similar to crime, no-one trusts their elected officials any more, no matter what their ideological position is.

What we are now experiencing is Long Capitalism, an affliction that spreads under the guise of freedom and the future fulfillment of unattainable dreams through the giant Ponzi scheme that is thrust upon humanity by an elite cadre who believe that they are immortal, beyond control, and entitled to behave as they like, using state apparatus and the subservient media to protect and enhance their position.
We recall when Thatcher said there is no alternative to capitalism after the collapse of communism in Russia and the Eastern Bloc. The struggle to articulate an alternative in these times is harder than it was back in those tumultuous last decades of the twentieth century. Yet those of us who believe that such rottenness at the heart of our society should be cut out have to find the means to not just articulate an alternative but to convince people that there is a better way. This is the imperative that faces us as we stare into the abyss of fascism.

Harry Rogers, In the Red Bedroom, 1st July 2021


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