Oh what a kerfuffle
Keir lays out reshuffle
Octet plays on the deck
As steamer chairs scatter
What the forensic heck,
Blairite teacups shatter.
Iceberg in Hartlepool,
Sinks Progress cruise liner,
The captain such a fool,
Shitehawk at the diner.
In newsroom studios,
Old hacks powder their nose,
Write next act of their farce,
Prepare to kick new arse.
Failure? ‘Twas ever thus,
Clapped out spads kick up fuss,
Throw tantrums under bus,
Listen not one to us.
Instal new sychophants,
Show us who wears the pants,
Prepare to fight on beaches,
Drain red blood with leeches,
Chipshop campaign prowler,
Barred from pub in howler,
In barrel it’s his turn,
He yearns to slash and burn.
Decisive? Acts too fast,
Lives mainly in the past.
Prince of darkness dictats,
Anti Leftwing brickbats,
Divide the young from old,
Don’t let the truth be told.
Time’s up, d’you remember?
You were once a member,
Dilemma arises,
Financial crisis,
That’s what makes this funny,
They need fucking money.
Yet still it’s all a game,
Corbyn the one to blame,
All of his supporters
Will be the next to go,
Backed up by reporters,
End of new Labour show.

Harry Rogers in the Yellow Room, 11th May 2021