It’s not the vaccine bounce
That led to Tory trounce.
Mandelsonian ghouls
Treat activists as fools.
Nil respect for members
Centrist message benders.
PLP spin disgrace,
Talk of one party state,
Shit in their own manger,
Starmer total stranger,
Forensic grey man bore,
Who knows what he stands for?
Switch lights on, ring bells as
He’s going to tell us,
How to fix branch grassroots,
Pulls on his kicking boots,
Use old rules to remove
More problems, he must prove
How to mend things like new,
Brings policy review.
Sweep conference aside,
Take broad church for a ride,
Dump momentous motions,
Expunge leftwing notions,
New leader propulsion,
Wheel out mass expulsion.
Don red wall dancing clogs,
New Labour manger dogs,
Swerve to right direction,
His own resurrection,
He climbs down from his cross,
Public don’t give a toss,
They need more hope not fear,
Curtains drawn on Sir Keir,

Harry Rogers, In The Red Bedroom 8th May 2021.