A deal is a deal, so many folks say,
Except when it isn’t, like it isn’t now.
Wave faux Falklands gunboat propaganda,
Like a giant phallus, wanked into Channel,
Yet another public divertissement,
Away from the dreadful pandemic truths.
Embargoed Cygnus report still hidden,
Needless herd immunity murder tolls,
Brown paper envelopes stuffed with our cash,
Handed out in unmonitored contracts
To friends, families, donors, crook elites.
Expect haystack to pose with admirals,
Rule Britannia played by marching marines,
Blairing in Union Jack clad background,
Splashed across newsrooms of the BBC.
Still, at least people have savings to spend,
So we’re told, by treasury officials,
So perhaps that’s all right then, isnt it?

Harry Rogers, In The Red Bedroom, 7th May 2021