It’s party time,
As votes come in,
We’ll take a swig
Of home made gin.
Bo’s Eton mess,
Keir’s pink blancmange,
UKIP serves up
Trump a l’orange.
Take down placards,
Wipe windows clean,
Burn voting cards,
Eat green ice cream.
Watch as Lib Dems
Stroll by harbour,
Chasing rainbows,
Life gets harder.
Plaid Cymru smile
As fortunes rise,
A new day dawns
For Adam Price.
Communists reach
End of tether,
Some old comrades
Blame the weather.
Vote tomorrow,
Watch it happen,
At Friday’s count,
Upticks flatten,
Pundits wallow,
Crap excuses
Hard to swallow,
Old guards change
At end of game,
And yet it’s strange,
Things stay the same.
Forget about
Focus upon

Harry Rogers, In The Red Bedroom, 5th May 2021.

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