How thin the skin
That keeps us in
Thrall to power
Weilded by hour.
Haystack bustles,
Money rustles,
Minor Royals
In fancy dress
Wave from carriage
Without finesse.
Families fall
Through Covid cracks,
Old folks suffer
Home heart attacks.
Worldwide collapse
Of probity,
Double death of
End of old world.
No more to say
Public and yours,
Dawn of winter
As services
Go corporate.
Farewell local,
Total global
Weep as social
Democrats bang
Last coffin nails,
Seal themselves off
Inside their tomb,
Creates vacuum.
Post pandemic
Fervour takes hold,
End of wartime
Party spirit,
Trestle tables,
Dusty bunting,
Wait for use in
New street parties.
Old jelly moulds
And trifle bowls,
And everywhere
Union jacks,
Big ones, small ones,
People pissed on
Spirit of the blitz,
By Tory shits.
Paint disaster
Opportune blue,
Pot all the reds
In snooker hall.
Soon our big break
Will be over,
Look slow around.
Who’s in clover?
Someone’s gotta
Pick up the bill,
Here it comes now,
Shiny and bright,
I bring to you
The New Normal……
It’s the same as
The Old Normal,
With more flags on.

Harry Rogers, In the Yellow Room, 5th May 2021