I heard some guy on the radio say
The amount of money needed to solve,
Food hunger across the whole world today
Is equivalent to twenty six hours
Of all military expenditure.

Twenty six hours of peace,
All it takes to feed the poor
Is this really all it takes?
Why ain’t we done it before?

Military industrial money
Maintains the global status quo of war,
Scientists, engineers, death designers,
Bring sophisticated bombs to market,
It’s an entrepreneurial bloodbath.

Let’s transfer our resources,
From sociopathology
Where human lives count for nought,
To social ecology.

Centre left luvies argue for armies,
As they pose laughing in theatres of war,
Sleeves rolled up with squaddies, rifles in hand,
Happy to reveal themselves on the news,
Spent uranium shells litter the land.

Millions die in terror,
Hungry, sick, and exploited,
Collateralised masses,
All for the sake of profit.

Food not guns,
Food not bombs,
Food not drones,
Food not war.

Harry Rogers, In The Yellow Room, 3rd May 2021


3 thoughts on “FOOD NOT WAR

  1. I agree. USA spend 1.2 trillion on war. Could feed the world three time-over. USA toss out enough food daily to feed the world. I pray we learn ASAP. To save a life, to feed a hungry person, give water and medicine is the road to peace and forgiveness. Not gun and soldiers. Outstanding world shared.


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