A poem about Palestine with Palestinian mockingbirds in the background.

Like mockingbirds come out to play
On sandy beach after midday
Young lads kick footballs on the strand
Like boys in any other land
Pass and shoot each one a mocker
Of their favourite stars from soccer
All day long they run and they shout
Slender bodies leaping about

When ere the moon does beam so bright
Like mockingbirds they play all night
High above a drone flew spying
Four soon lay dead, four more crying
Two missiles launched in clear sunshine
One more sad day in Palestine
Into abyss Earth on the slide
Young mockingbirds forced now to hide
Distraught parents filled with anguish
Truth lies masked whilst journos languish
Remote pilots have all saved face
Israeli judges closed the case

Justice seems so far out of reach
For young mockingbirds on the beach.

Harry Rogers , In Harriboy’s Hut, 12/08/2018