The Hot Club de France on Radio Three,
Listen to Cou-Cou from nineteen forty.
Whistful memory, my dad in fifties,
Plays Django classics on accordion,
I miss the news through sunshine afternoon,
Catch a quick glimpse as BJ denigrates
Climate activists as bunny huggers.
This serial adulterous liar,
Who ignores all rules, decries probity,
Claims to support football fans against greed,
Agrees special deals for tax avoiders,
Comes across on zoom more coked than his spads,
His stats based on policy not yet writ,
Spreads public funds with casual largesse.
Put aside crazy pandemic capers,
Who, despite all these shortcomings, commands
A fourteen point lead in the latest polls,
Treats future citizens with crude contempt.
Bunny Hugger?
Silly bugger,
Pension mugger,
Tory fucker.

Harry Rogers, In the Yellow Room, 23rd April 2021.