By Poppit Sands, hawthorne and gorse
Bloom spectacularly in April sun.
Above our garden watch a magpie
Harry, and torment, a large red kite,
From village, on, down the valley.
Tulips overtake daffodils,
Trees, well budded, ready to burst,
We tend our vegetable plot,
Spring brings new possibilities.
Far away, in palace of dreams,
Veneers peel to reveal more lies,
Spads rehearse corrupt alibis,
First lord of the treasuary,
Teflon coated in new playpen,
Rises still higher in the polls,
Super league crumbles into dust,
Working class heroes, shit or bust,
Cry out “It’s Boris wot dunnit.”
Meanwhile, in second division,
Lord labour gets barred from a pub.
I watch robin in the birdbath,
Wait for news of my second jab,
Get tools ready to build a gate,
The sun shines, blossom starts to fall.

Harry Rogers, In the Red Bedroom, 21st April 2021


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