Recorded in my bed, used duvet as a percussion instrument.

Dial down the democracy dimmer switch,
Strange conundrum as the light fades away,
In the darkness clarity increases,
Horses, dogs, armour clad riot police,
Brought sharply into crystal clear focus,
Batons weilded against young activists,
Young non violent direct activists,
Clubbed as they sat, serried, outside cop shop,
Provoked beyond anger to protection,
Erupts into the mayhem of riot,
Such smooth precision duly delivered,
Gift wrapped to home secretary’s doorstep,
For her rehearsed despatch box diatribe,
Power of darkness now simply blinding.

Harry Rogers, in the Red Bedroom, 23rd March 2021



Wealthy glide by in slick electric cars,
Feed fake dreams about holidays to Mars.
I wonder how much lithium there is?
Will gig economy slaves earn enough,
To purchase these fantasy carriages?
Days when families drove to Lake Como,
Or to cheap French campsites near Biarritz,
Seem impossible now ports are shut down.
To take the ferryboat to Tremezzo,
Sip Apparol Spritz in Alpine sunshine,
Beguiled by clouds tumbling from peaks to lake,
Such memories so fin de seicle.
As quiz show prizes rise ever higher,
Europe is become a funeral pyre.

Harry Rogers in the Yellow Room, 23rdMarch 2021.